How I Break Through Plateaus For My Clothing Brand (Without This You Will Stay Stuck)

How I Break Through Plateaus For My Clothing Brand (Without This You Will Stay Stuck)
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In this weekly entrepreneur vlog, Rob talks about how to break through plateaus for your clothing brand. It doesn't matter whether you are holding the inventory for your clothing brand or running a print on demand (POD) business – RETHINKING your strategies (social media marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, tik tok, Instagram, inventory management, order fulfillment, design, concept, etc) is crucial for the future success of your clothing brand. Most clothing brands that I've worked with spend their time mainly doing Instagram marketing (posting a few times a week) and expect to get big time results. Also, many clothing brands have been pushing the same concept (that isn't working) for way too long without making any changes or adjustments. I've recently made a big scary change for my clothing brand partnering with a fulfillment company who will be handling all of the order fulfillment and inventory (dropshipping). This is a huge change – but also necessary in order to get over my current plateau and hit another level. This info applies to clothing brands, clothing lines, t shirt brands, t shirt businesses, fashion brands, fashion lines, streetwear brands, streetwear lines, print on demand (POD), dropshipping and beyond!

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