How I Got My Clothing Brand Into 3 Brick And Mortar Retail Stores (Wholesale!)

How I Got My Clothing Brand Into 3 Brick And Mortar Retail Stores (Wholesale!)
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In this video, Rob talks about how to sell your clothing brand to retailers. This video will teach you how to get your product into stores and enter the retail space in addition to having a thriving online business. For a long time, I tried to sell my clothing to brick and mortar through cold calling and emailing – with little success. It wasn't until I built a thriving ecommerce business that brick and mortar physical retail stores began approaching me. Selling to stores will provide your clothing brand with a secondary distribution channel. This is small business advice catered to entrepreneurs in the fashion business. This info applies to all entrepreneurs, but specifically has been created for clothing brands, clothing lines, t shirt brands, t shirt businesses, fashion brands, fashion lines, streetwear brands, street wear lines, print on demand (POD), dropshipping and beyond!

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