The Big Lie Of Entrepreneurship No One Tells You

The Big Lie Of Entrepreneurship No One Tells You
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In this video, Rob shares the truth about entrepreneurship in 2021. What is entrepreneurship? The current state of entrepreneurship has convinced people that they need to be PERFECT creatures in order to get results in business. Personal growth isn't always about “perfection” but often requires room for self-acceptance and flaws. Small business owners often drive themselves crazy with perfectionism and I believe that it is all rooted from their believe that entrepreneurs shouldn't have any “off-days”. The truth is that you don't have to be a perfect person to “make money online” – what it takes is an above average level of consistency and commitment over the long haul. This is my weekly entrepreneur vlog where I share my insights from running my clothing brand and mentoring business. This info applies to all entrepreneurs and is catered to clothing brands, clothing lines, fashion brands, fashion lines, streetwear brands, t shirt brand, print on demand, dropshipping and beyond!

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