Merch By Amazon Marketplaces 2021 – Uploading Designs To Other Marketplaces Tutorial

Merch By Amazon Marketplaces 2021 – Uploading Designs To Other Marketplaces Tutorial

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Marketplaces – Uploading Design To Other Marketplaces

You want to know how to upload your Merch by Amazon design to other marketplaces?

This video will teach you how!

Uploading to other marketplaces for merch by amazon. I have been using the same design and uploading to United Kingdom(UK), Germany (DE), Spain, Italy, and Japan. I think there's a big opportunity in these marketplaces because there's not that much competition. I have been uploading all my designs from the USA to all other marketplaces. However, I think it makes sense to have merch by amazon designs that are specific to each country. For example, if you want more sales in Germany, create merch by amazon shirts about Germany and only upload them to DE. If you do some research you will see that the German designs that are translated are doing pretty well.

I am already seeing sales from merch by amazon using the same design but in different languages but then Im seeing designs that are in English doing well too.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Analytics from different Marketplaces
4:05 Uploading Design to other Marketplaces

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