$15,000 In Royalties For June🤑 (Merch By Amazon Seller)

$15,000 In Royalties For June🤑 (Merch By Amazon Seller)

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$15,000 In Royalties For June🤑 (Merch By Amazon Seller)

In this video, I interview Jessie she did over $15,000 royalties in June with her Amazon Merch account. This is a really awesome accomplishment and I'm happy to share it with everyone.

Jessie shares information about how she researches and designs using Merch Informer. She's the 2nd person that I know that's use Merch Informer and has made over $10k in a month. That's really powerful. I think if you learn how to do research and learn your niches you can do numbers like this.

She did spend about $2600 on ads.

Thank you Jessie for coming on and sharing.
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