Redbubble: How To Turn on “Featured” Collection

Redbubble: How To Turn on “Featured” Collection

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If you have collections, a nice option is to have a featured collection. This collection will show prominently at the top of your Redbubble shop. Here's a quick walkthrough on how to set up a featured collection to help you increase your chances of making print on demand sales.


Transcript of the Video

If you're on redbubble and you want to monkey around with your collections it's not the most intuitive thing in the world so here's my little zen watercolor store and i've got three collections listed here at the top i've got barcode art circular space and then some love designs when i click.

On the collection on the left i've also got barcode art circular space and then my love collections what if i wanted to make love my featured collection okay well it's not super intuitive what you want to do is go up to the top and on the top right there's an account button so i'm going.

To click on that and it's not in your dashboard it's not in your shop it's not in your managed portfolio it's actually down in account settings it's kind of buried which is kind of weird so i'm going to click on account settings so then you get your avatar your cover image.

Your profile name that kind of thing and what i want to do now is go into my shop settings on the left hand side so it's about three down shop settings and when i click on shop settings it's right there it says featured collection choose a collection to feature on your shop.

And i'll click my collection there and then i'll click save settings save successfully now i'll go up to the top under account view shop and when i scroll down nothing has changed it takes a couple minutes for it for the change to go through.

so it took about 10 minutes and when i scrolled down now into my shop my featured collection now is at the top now i don't have many designs in there but if i had more they'd pop up but now i've got collections the three are here all three collections are here and my featured collection is at the top.

Don't despair if you set it up and then it doesn't immediately update it just takes like i say about 10 minutes hope you guys found that helpful take care

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