VEXELS New Product For Book Publishers (Includes Promo Code / Discount)

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is one of the world’s leading digital design platforms, helping print on demand artists who are selling on sites like , and . Vexels is branching out into the book publishing space—in this video, I cover the new offerings and there’s even a promotion where you can save some money on the annual subscriptions!


This is an affiliate link—if you purchase something on Vexels, I would receive a small commission.

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Announcement
03:46 Photoshop
06:07 Details

If you subscribe to the annual plan, here is what you would get:
– Halloween graphics for KDP interiors (around 40 to add in coloring books)
– Scalable book cover (this is a Photoshop file that lets you create automatically your own cover)
– Scalable patterns maker (same as the scalable book cover, it lets you create easily your own patterns)
– Swirls and Frames to decorate KDP interiors (around 60 I think)
– Low content template interiors (this include in different sizes, wide-ruled paper templates, dotted grids, and graph papers)

NOTE: the 35% off in this KDP plan will be offered until September 6, 2021 (it contains more downloads and requests than the original KDP plan).

It does not include access to PSD files or merch-ready designs, it does have access to all Vexels tools, like the T-Shirt Maker.