A $68k Month For My Clothing Brand. Here’s How I did It.

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The Clothing Brand Marketing System: https://clothingbrandmarketing.com/

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About This Video:

In this video, Rob breaks down a strategy for making money online in 2021 through marketing a Shopify powered dropshipping private label start up clothing brand. This video will help you market your print on demand or inventory based clothing brand. Rob shares exactly how much money was spent on Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads to generate a total sales of over $68,000 in the month of November. Taking you fully behind the scenes to give every clothing brand owner a better sense of what a full month looks like day to day. This video is proof that social media marketing can be a powerful tool to generate serious results for your fashion brand or ecommerce store. This info applies to all entrepreneurs, specifically clothing brands, fashion brands, streetwear brands, apparel brands, t shirt company, print on demand, and dropshipping.