Top 10 T-Shirt Niches of 2021 on Amazon. Print on Demand Niche Research. Best Topics of the Year.

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Top 10 T-Shirt Niches of 2021 on Amazon. Print on Demand Niche Research. Best Topics of the Year. These are the topics that got a big spike this year because of what went on during 2021. A look back at what was the most popular niches of the year.

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Transcript of the Video

In this video we're going to talk about the 10 biggest t-shirt niches in 2021 let's go thanks for joining me on this video my name is juna with detour shirts i've been designing and selling t-shirts since 2005 and my channel is all about helping you to learn how to design and.

Sell t-shirts online if that's something you want to learn how to do don't forget to hit that subscribe button right there so in this video i wanted to share with you the 10 biggest t-shirt niches of 2021 we're getting to the end of 2021 and i wanted to make sure i made this video i know it's not quite the end of 2021 but i wanted to get this in before.

The holidays start and all of that stuff there are several things to note about this video these are the 10 biggest niches on amazon us i'm not saying these are the 10 necessarily for red bubble or any of the other print-on-demand sites they may have a different audience and these may not be the most popular there they could be but.

They're not guaranteed to be the reason why i'm picking amazon over the other ones is because there's bsrs on amazon and i can check really easily which ones were most popular during the year and we can see that and use that information to make this video the other thing is these are not necessarily the biggest ones on amazon.

These are the ones that had the biggest impact in 2021 what i mean by that is these became big because of something in 2021 so i'm gonna reference that in this video as well and lastly these designs i'm gonna show designs or examples of designs for these niches they are all copyrighted do not copy these exactly these are out there.

But you should not copy any of these designs these are here just to show you examples of what was popular in 2021 and what still could be popular right now so do not copy any of these at all make up your own designs make up your own phrases for these niches so with all of that out of the way let's get started and look at the 10 biggest t-shirt.

Niches of 2021 so niche number one is usa politics this is a huge one from 2021. take a look at some of these it started the year with the inauguration remember bernie sanders now this isn't safe but remember they took that from there these got all taken down and then chucks and pearls for kamala she wore the converse right not safe again got.

Taken down but some of the biggest designs in the beginning of the year and throughout the year were political designs so fjb was another huge one in 2021 but it was also not safe so a lot of those got taken down and let's go brandon i'm still not sure if that's safe or not uh you see a ton of those.

Out there right now selling let's go brandon i would stay away from these but there's other ways you can do politics t-shirts other ways that were really popular that weren't infringing on anything i was really surprised that after trump that we would get so many different t-shirts for politics and i think it's going to continue in 2022 but.

Just make sure that it's safe if you're going to do this niche this political niche just be very sure that it's going to be safe stay away from things that are copyrighted and things that are infringing on amazon's terms of service niche number two is asian inspired now this one i called this one in this video.

Right here last year i made a video of what i thought would be really popular in 2021 and this was one of them um and you can see one of the biggest ones in 2021 was the strawberry milk one huge and then we also have these are very popular right now cat eating ramen anime t-shirts any of these anime and sketching.

Anime was huge but don't forget about some of the other asian inspired designs so some of the asian inspired topics could be ramen or sushi or boba or cities like tokyo and seoul or things like chinese new year and kawaii stuff and just some of the asian art styles like we see here with the with the dragon and things just so cool.

So don't copy these like i said in the beginning but think of different ways that you can incorporate asian inspired topics asian inspired styles and asian inspired ideas in your next designs so niche number three for 2021 is gaming now gaming is huge no matter what year it is but i think it's especially big in 2021 because more people stayed home and.

Played games and i think more and more people are playing games from very young until very old so these are selling like crazy um you can see these are some of the top sellers uh in 2021 for gaming you can do birthday stuff for gaming you know tons of different things for gaming now make sure to stay away from specific.

Games but just generic gaming love video games that kind of thing will be pretty safe so this is niche number three and that is gaming so niche number four is crypto now i included all the cryptocurrencies in there um bitcoin ethereum uh dogecoin all of those were really big this year but you have to make sure that those are.

Safe for amazon so don't do things like uh things that are trademarked or copyrighted so don't use the actual logos for some of these things you know if you can't do the ethereum logo the bitcoin logo the dos coin logo and some other things like that but you can do things that are very generic for crypto like this in crypto we trust or things i.

Do in my spare time with crypto or things like that so makes great presence for people who are very serious in the crypto space and i'm sure there's going to be ups and downs when you see the up tick a lot more sales for t-shirts as well and then when it's down you know nobody's going to be talking about it but this is one that i think will.

Continue to do well in 2022 uh assuming that things will go up again in 2022 that's when you're gonna see just have to pay attention to the news and see when it's going up and what different crypto is popular at the time niche number five is healthcare has to do with healthcare and we saw a lot of this this year because of the vaccinations.

Getting the shots and things like that so you can see remember when you had to get the two shots it's okay i had my two shots that was really popular back in the summer nurse stuff was very popular throughout the year and social distancing right was is popular and still is today with social distancing being the way it is so.

These were popular in 201 21 and i just hope that they're not as popular in 2022. so space was a huge topic a huge niche in 2021 lots of rockets going off and and space travel and mars rover so so i have examples of mars mars rover 2021 and nasa and spacex things these are not safe because these are copyrighted but you can do things like.

Um space travel you know with rockets generic rockets that's not copyrighted solar systems and things like that so i think space travel will continue to be pretty popular just be very careful on what you do for t-shirts on these because you cannot use things like spacex and nasa and mars rovers especially things that are trademarked.

And copyrighted so number seven is sports now sports are always popular but in 2021 it was especially popular because of the olympics in japan but you shouldn't have done anything around the olympics that had the olympics logo or things like that because those are not safe um even getting something like usa flag swimming is really kind of on the.

Line especially during the olympics you should also stay away from you know soccer or football be very careful with copyrighted teams but you can do very generic stuff like uh eat sleep soccer or i'm here for watching football or fantasy football that kind of thing and there's no olympics in 2022 but the next time it happens make sure to stay away.

From anything copyrighted for the olympics as well so niche number eight is the news and the news is always going to be popular every year depending on the stories you really gotta just watch but this year um breaking news i don't care that was really popular that design and then different things and then use different topics so when there was the.

Abortion rule in texas these shirts became very popular when free palestine was a big thing in the news these became popular when the gas prices went up so the free britney ones i would stay away from just because it's talking about a celebrity but you can do things that are in the news so just make sure you're following the terms of service i put.

This here about tornadoes because there are tornadoes and those kinds of things shootings in the news stay away from those if anybody has died in any of those things they're not going to be eligible to be on amazon so just be very careful on what news stories you pick but news can sometimes be a good one to sell t-shirts for so niche or topic.

Number nine is actually a design style and that's the cottage core design style so cottage core is a specific design style around that cottage lifestyle so you got flowers you got mushrooms you got frogs and rabbits and things like that so take a look at some of these examples of.

Cottage core you can see this kind of style where the frog is playing a guitar or mushrooms in the moon just that hand-drawn style he got butterflies and flowers and things like that so lots of specific topics within the cottage core design but you can mash it up with different.

Things so here is cottage core esque design with the strawberry milk right and you can see just frogs in general had an uptick in sales because of this cottage core style so cottage core not sure how long it's gonna last but cottage core was super popular in 2021 so niche number 10 is the axolotl this.

Is what a real axolotl look like if there was one animal that's more popular than the frog in 2021 it is the axolotl a lot of these were super popular and you can make a lot of cool puns with the word axolotl you can see axe a lot of questions games a lotto snacks a lotto reads a lotto i wear my mask a lotto so think of different puns that you can.

Make with ask a lot of doing different things here's an asian inspired axolotl eating ramen right just a girl who loves axolotls and and so on so lots of different ways to take the axolotl this very popular animal in 2021 and make designs for it not sure if it's going to be the most popular animal in 2022 there might be a.

New one in 2022 but for right now axolotls are pretty popular so here's all 10 of them in a nice list so you can take a snapshot right here these are the 10 biggest niches of 2021 that i think on us and these are the biggest because of 2021 not necessarily the biggest uh overall but u.s politics were huge this year asian inspired.

Things were huge this year gaming i think will continue to be huge no matter what uh crypto you gotta watch for the up and downs healthcare i'm hoping that's not as popular in 2022 space i think will be because there's still so many other things that are going to go up in space in 2022 a lot bigger rockets and things.

Like that sports probably not as popular you just got to watch out with those sports when amazon is cracking down on some of those sports ones that used to be good in the past but not anymore especially sports teams no matter what sport it is be careful on that news again you got to watch the news different news stories will be popular.

On t-shirts and other news stories will be against terms of service for amazon so be very careful when doing news stories but they can be very popular cottage core is a style that was popular in 2021 still is kind of but i don't know if it's going to continue in 2022 and axolotl very popular animal right now in 2021 we'll see if it continues to.

Be in 2022 so so hopefully this video is really helpful for you to know what was popular in 2021 and what could continue to be very popular in 2022 so that is it for this video hopefully this video was super helpful for you if it was make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you're not subscribed to this channel already make sure to hit that subscribe.

Button right there before i leave this video before i end this video i wanted to ask you a question of the day and the question of the day is this what other topics do you think were popular in 2021 i listed 10 there may be others if there was something that you remember that was popular in 2021 make sure to put it down in the comments right there love to hear.

It add to this list and maybe help us in 2022. so thanks again for watching this video and if you want to see more videos more topics on t-shirts make sure to click these videos right here and as always guys keep creating and keep learning i'll see you on the next one bye