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This video is a culmination of the last 10 months of SEO research – AND IT'S COMPLETELY FREE

No sign-ups
No trials


Today's video is going to combine several elements of SEO to create a freakish frankenstein product SEO to rank on Google

Why this method is so good

1. Internal redbubble competition is irrelevant
2. Rank for the top spot
3. Buyer intent keywords have high conversion
4. Using the strength of redbubble's seo
5. Uses tried and tested advanced SEO logic to blow away the competition
6. Is possible with every print on demand website, and any marketplace website

Why I know this works

– Show apron
– Show new ranking product keywords
– Show ahrefs on my store

How this works

1. Search operators to find a keyword

I would just do site:redbubble.com intext:results

Sort by one month, or just leave it as it is

Look for any keywords on the first few pages

2. Find something with good searches per month (ahrefs keyword generator)

Go on Google and type in ahrefs free keyword generator
When you find a nice keyword search it
Look for buyer intent keywords such as shirt

3. Look at the current search result page and the redbubble results

Look to see if there is already a redbubble product on the first page – if it's a redbubble search result page that's a good sign

If the redbubble search result page has thousands of results that's also a good sign

The plan is to start ranking our redbubble product on the first page

4. Even if there are thousands of results it doesn't matter

Internal redbubble competition is not important for this method
We are focusing purely on Google

5. Introduce searcher intent and the ability for a product to take the SERP position using exact phrase match in the title

6. Tags don't matter in this method

I said in a video that tags product meta title pages but I don't think that's true – I was just tired

7. Can mass produce designs using this method

Potential drawbacks

1. Google is not indexing content as easily at the moment
2. May never rank


0:00 Intro
0:24 How to see which of your designs are indexed on google already
1:13 All of my keywords are from Google
1:54 Ahref's free keyword generator – we will be using this later
2:27 Showing why this method is so strong (the method comes later)
4:21 All of these keywords are from the series I started a month or so ago
5:06 Just a quick detour – using Ahrefs to improve google rankings on Redbubble
5:47 Know the difference between a specific keyword and a broad keyword – this is probably why a lot of people aren't ranking
8:15 Literally the second link I clicked – Look at this for god's sake – THIS IS INSANE
8:39 Apply this logic again and again and again and again – BUYER KEYWORDS WILL RANK PRODUCTS
9:50 I was getting excited here – this is literally guaranteed sales for god sake – GET ON THIS
10:46 Important part of the logic – using exact phrase match in the title
11:20 Some more examples
12:36 A really important example where I go into a lot of detail
13:31 Look for products like this example – where the Redbubble search result page is first and there's no exact phrase match in the title of other products, and there's at least one buyer keyword – you will make sales I promise you
15:58 This is why I always say titles are more important than tags