Finding Digital Download Niches on Etsy

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Guys I recommend watching this whole video through – as towards the end some SEO magic happens and as you can see this niche is absolutely ripe for the taking

I'm giving this to you guys as I always do and I hope it makes some people make some easy sales using Etsy digital downloads selling various templates

This is good passive income – and it's not print on demand. The profit per sale is going to be higher, meaning it can be a better use of your time than uploading to Redbubble (if you only sell stickers for example)

Also a lot of these are evergreen niches – meaning your digital download templates will sell all year round



0:00 Thanks for the suggestion
0:48 start on etsy – you can do this in incognito to see better results
1:31 The base keyword – how to niche down within that keyword
2:25 Just make a quick canva design and upload it to Etsy with tags etc
5:03 You should really watch the video all the way through – after this point it becomes absolutely genius (if I may say so myself)
7:06 Second way to get good keywords – Ahrefs keyword generator