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I've finally found a free alternative to Ahrefs and Semrush to do Print on Demand research

Although this tool is not completely free if you want to use it to the max of its power – we can do a lot of things on Ubersuggest completely for free, which you would have to sign up for a trial of the other two products

Not only this, but Ubersuggest is at a much lower price point, Neil Patel is very intelligent for doing this and fair play to him for releasing a tool that can compete with the two SEO Tools giants and be much cheaper – Good on you

I hope this helps you guys find some killer keywords

I recommend using each country individually to change the 200 or so keywords that this tool gives you per search

As you can see in the video you can also very easily just use

0:00 Alternative tools to Ahrefs and Semrush to do Redbubble and Print on demand keyword research
1:04 All of the research we can do completey for free – without even making an account!
1:49 Keywords by traffic – 10 pages per search – and unlimited countries to change the output each time – insane free keyword gold can be found randomly here trust me
2:19 Quick example
2:47 Another way to use ubersuggest to find more keyword ideas
3:09 How to game the system to get unlimited searches on Ubersuggest everyday
3:48 200 Countries – 200 Results per country – 40,000 keywords for free with NO COMMITMENT
4:10 Change a filter to change the output
4:50 Why the SEO community doesn't like Niel Patel – he makes it all clear for noobs – and is criticized for it
6:01 It's millions of keywords without even signing up and you can copy and paste them into CSV or export them
6:27 The pricing for Ubersuggest is really not bad at all