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I made a video about this a long time ago, but when I was making this one I realised just how powerful it was

We can apply the Redbubble product SEO logic I've been teaching you guys for the last year or so with this method to find already winning keywords

This video should help a lot of people make sales – and potentially catch trends

Sitemaps are a pretty common thing in SEO and as usual I can apply my vast SEO knowledge to Print on Demand and Redbubble SEO and Keyword finding, to bring you guys free ways to make sales

I have a feeling this video is a good one, so please let me know what you think in the comments

Thanks for all the support and thanks for 2k subscribers



0:00 Redbubble has a sitemap – I've only made one video on this
0:10 Finding Redbubble's sitemap – They have it public
0:31 You know it's going to be good when the sitemap is split into perfect categories for niche hunters
1:11 A good keyword almost insantly – holy crap
1:46 I discovered this a long time ago – I want to find a way to make a tool from this to extract the results from each URL
2:23 There are many categories – some languages will be less competitive on Redbubble
3:05 Congratulations to this person who is absolutely killing it with this design
3:20 Look at this as encouragement guys – We can do the same by following my keyword methods
3:46 This isn't useful except for finding Product keyword combinations, but still pretty cool
4:30 Two ways to find keywords for free to use in combination with any of my Redbubble SEO methods
8:12 Zoom to 125% on Chrome to see all the urls