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I made a video about this a long time ago, but when I was making this one I realised just how powerful it was

We can apply the product SEO logic I've been teaching you guys for the last year or so with this method to find already winning keywords

This video should help a lot of people make sales – and potentially catch trends

Sitemaps are a pretty common thing in SEO and as usual I can apply my vast SEO knowledge to Print on Demand and Redbubble SEO and Keyword finding, to bring you guys free ways to make sales

I have a feeling this video is a good one, so please let me know what you think in the comments

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0:00 Redbubble has a sitemap – I've only made one video on this
0:10 Finding Redbubble's sitemap – They have it public
0:31 You know it's going to be good when the sitemap is split into perfect categories for niche hunters
1:11 A good keyword almost insantly – holy crap
1:46 I discovered this a long time ago – I want to find a way to make a tool from this to extract the results from each URL
2:23 There are many categories – some languages will be less competitive on Redbubble
3:05 Congratulations to this person who is absolutely killing it with this design
3:20 Look at this as encouragement guys – We can do the same by following my keyword methods
3:46 This isn't useful except for finding Product keyword combinations, but still pretty cool
4:30 Two ways to find keywords for free to use in combination with any of my Redbubble SEO methods
8:12 Zoom to 125% on Chrome to see all the urls

What is going on it's hamish and i wanted to show you something i discovered a long time ago but i haven't really made a video on it in a long time i actually forgot where redbubble's sitemap was uh located so i just did in url sitemap and for some reason they have not.

Listed their sitemap as no index so we can actually see it on google and this is really really interesting because if you look at the urls here for example uh slash sitemap slash popular searches enxml.

So that basically means that this is going to be all of the popular searches from redbubble and it looks like it's split into another so just keep opening the urls and then eventually you'll get to this page here and if you just wait a moment for it to load you can see.

That these are the popular searches on redbible and there seem to be quite a lot there are loads and loads of them as you can see a lot of these will be copyright a lot of these will be uh very very competitive but i think if you look hard enough.

Into this you can definitely find some gold like that for example that's definitely that's a really good keyword that's a really really good keyword i am see where rippable number one okay get on it guys that's a really good one i would definitely take a look.

Through this tragically hip that's probably a good one so when i first discovered this like 10 or 11 months ago that's really really good i discovered this 10 or 11 months ago and what i was trying to work on was um getting like a python script made.

Personally to extract these urls and just extract um this information only from each url if anyone knows how to do that and they want to work with me on that please let me know because i think that'll be really really cool um so yeah you basically you delete.

Everything and it'll just leave the urls left and then you could just search them uh instantly and get all of the results you want so the cool thing is this isn't the only thing on the redbubble sitemap this is only the first one there is also popular french searches which is really really interesting because it could.

Potentially be less competitive we don't know but if you're french and yeah you want to look for something that's maybe less competitive then i would my favorite color is pizza oh my god did i just see that my favorite oh my god that's an incredible how many results do you have please.

Don't have to have 5 000 come on have like if only a few okay but that design's terrible let's go best selling i think that's still a pretty good keyword honestly let's see where red bubble appears probably number one amazon is number one this person here is absolutely killing.

It so let's all just uh clap for this person real quick you've probably made thousands of dollars for this one design so good job this is really really encouraging though um and it definitely um it's really interesting how we can try and get lucky basically with our own seo um.

By using these keyword methods that i keep showing you in all of my videos i'm just going to zoom in a little bit just to make sure you can see cool helmet stickers no no yeah this is uh this is pretty cool let's see what else there is so category landing pages i can't believe they have i can't believe they have that live.

No way really i missed the hell off do they really can i really just see their top landing page are you serious well i did not know this there might be something here that's just really unexpectedly good okay we'll leave that loading it needs to change its format let's see what else.

There is filtered landing pages oh it doesn't say top landing pages it just oh it's just the categories i think yeah it is it's just the categories that's still interesting though so we can see all of the different products um and we can think about the seo in terms of that like this is a good place to get all of the different products if you want to.

Let's go on let me show you what i mean real quick so i can go on google i can type in ahrefs keyword generator or i can use a keyword tool dot io so i'll open them both just to show you guys these are both free keyword tools that we can search each individual product one by one into like this i'm.

Not a robot and we'll go here as well and search here let's see what comes up so this would be a good place to find keywords as well um these are all going to be um these are all going to be what's the word uh buyer keywords this is people looking to buy a product okay so that's.

Really interesting as well new works we can see what's uh what designs people are just coming out with although i don't really know about that honestly new products popular masks oh this is interesting if these are specific designs popular mask xml if you're not following how to do this.

Guys just go on redbubble oh what's the base sitemap slash index sitemap.xml i'll leave this in the description for you so these are all buyer keywords as well this should reformat although it doesn't look like it wants to each pizza quote by nl mind.

It's kind of annoying that this isn't gonna i really need to learn some way to just remove everything except the urls if anyone is decent with python and wants to help me with the project i asked this before and no one because i was a tiny youtuber then if anyone's good with python out.

There just contact me uh you can find my email on my youtube channel just go on the the contact page um and if you're good with python please get in touch with me because we can make a tool which i'll release for free obviously i'll just put advertising on it to to monetize it.

And yeah we'll uh we'll make a tool together and that'll be really really cool this looks like it's gonna reformat okay so it doesn't seem to want to reformat but i've just thought of a decent way to to do this you can search for keywords here like vegan i just saw the word vegan.

And let's get rid of that that that and that i'm expecting yeah exactly okay this is really really interesting to me because this is popular apron okay and this is a best seller and the reason is because it's ranking on google okay a lot if you make a lot of sales uh.

Suddenly it'll be because you just started ranking as a product on google there's no reason why this product has to rank above your product this is a really good keyword guys this is a really really good keyword uh i think i might have just discovered something amazing again so yeah um.

I don't really know what to say this is honestly the look how much data there is here that you can just search through especially if you're decent with python and the good thing about these bottom ones here all of these are they they've called them popular redbubble has called them popular.

And what that means for us is we know already that all of these products are selling i'm getting excited this is really really strong i've been obsessed with uh product specific seo recently for redbubble this might honestly be this might be better than search operators guys honestly this might be.

Better than ahrefs as well um if anyone wants to show me a way to extract this can i not just format it wait oh okay if you go to 125 zoom it works a lot better you can see a lot more oh that's really really useful actually coffee cat yeehaw.

So another really really interesting thing is these are probably all popular because they're selling on google so if i search any of these i i guarantee um like if i if i search for frank sinatra mugshot i'm gonna like i'm gonna put like an eighty percent chance that this product isn't is number one or up.

To number five on google it's not amazon is here oh yeah look is this that product no how many key how many results does this have so this might be selling through redbubble so that's really interesting as well cool i like it i like it i don't know about copyright you'd have to check.

That for yourselves but definitely an interesting one there i'm trying to work out okay i wanted to put it all in one cell yeah it works fine if you put it on one two five uh percent zoom so you just want to be looking for things that aren't copyright obviously powder to the people distressed retro just ski poster.

Powder to the okay so powder powder to the people it's a song skiing okay it's a youtube video or something never mind so yeah i think i'm gonna leave it there guys but oh wait a hundred dollar bill a go-go.

A hundred dollar bill a go-go a hundred dollar bill uh go go oh it's always a song it's always a song yeah i'm gonna leave it there guys uh really really interesting and definitely worth.

Uh looking at more if you're a python e pythoner i don't know what don't know what the noun is or adjective the noun uh yeah either get in touch with me or just do it yourself and let me know how it goes and i'll see you really really soon with some more content peace out.