How to make Sales with Niche validation and Research on Redbubble

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A lot of my methods use different websites to search through Redbubble – but this method uses Redbubble itself

Credit to @yaseo who put me onto this method – check out his channel – he makes great Redbubble and Print on Demand videos

This video uses Redbubble's internal tag structure to find already validated niches, and uses the “best-selling” sort by option on Redbubble

0:00 Credit to Yaseo for putting me onto this method (I did already know about it but never made a video on it)
0:30 Using Redbubble itself to find and validate niches and keywords quickly and easily
0:51 My change to this method – pressing enter and using Redbubble's tag structure
1:09 Occupations is just an example – this method is great because it only returns already selling designs
2:01 Search operators alongside this method to find more longtail keywords in the niche
4:00 Another niche – Pilots
5:00 Use trademarkia to check copyright
5:20 Validate the niche using Ahrefs or Ubersuggest for free
5:55 Final thing to validate the keyword/niche is to search it on Google