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This has been bothering me for the last few months, since I discovered that many people were not being indexed on Google

I don't have anything to gain from you trying this – I'm not leaving any affiliate links specifically for this reason

WordPress is incredibly cheap – and it is integrated nicely with NameCheap

I made this video because I want to help people get their own designs indexed on Google – I'm not even 100% sure this will work but the logic is good.

The process is:

1. Create a website
2. Index it on Google using Search Console
3. Link your (with affiliate link) to your Redbubble store
4. Google will crawl your designs through your indexed website

The really cool thing about this is we can also put affiliate links to Redbubble to increase our margin, which is frankly a pretty awesome idea – especially if you can also drive traffic to your website




0:00 Intro
0:10 Redbubble Facebook Group – Decent group – not a lot of spam
0:20 Discussion is a continuation of the indexing issues on Google for Redbubble stores
0:30 Summary of Chris' post
1:00 Buying and redirecting a website to index your Redbubble designs – Could work but don't like it personally
1:31 My designs are indexed on Google for some reason
1:51 Phil's comment – I've seen him in SEO groups I think he knows his stuff for sure
2:26 I suggested a few free websites – you can also share on various social media websites
2:41 The most interesting comment on the thread – Using your own site to drive traffic, indexing, and USE AFFILIATE LINKS
3:29 I don't know if it's 10% of the sale or 10% of the artist's margin – would be even more if it's 10% of the sale
3:50 Here's my Search Console – made in a few hours, and some pages are indexed, with 0 effort
4:46 Showing how simple it is to verify your website on search console, and you should get indexed fairly quickly after
5:03 Showing how to use NameCheap and Easy WP integration to set up a wordpress website incredibly cheaply
5:44 About 4 Euros a month for hosting and 10 Euros for a year of a domain name
6:15 Showing the backend of WordPress
8:03 Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to have my own thing online finally 🙂

Ignore this I'm just testing something lol

This video is supposed to show you how to index your designs on Redbubble, which will also increase your earnings on Redbubble, not only that but your Redbubble profit will increase also

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Transcript of the Video

Hi guys, what's going on is Hamish, welcome back to the income stream surfers, I wanted to talk about a discussion that happened today in this Facebook group, it's a very good Facebook group honestly, there are a lot of people sharing experiences and there's not a lot of that much spam which is really good and the post is uh by Chris Hughes, who is in charge of the group, which is a reference to a post I made a few weeks ago about indexing your designs on Google that are indexed on Google or not a lot of people who are having problems with this, and we were basically looking for more from the details in it, his original publication is in Basically an explanation of the situation that when creating a design or a product, it is placed on different products and then these products are indexed by Google that's how it should work, and then at the bottom it is used.

Uh well not my own but I think I figured this out, I'm sure I figured out this search factor that you can use to find out which of your design ns was indexed on google and then the first interesting comment was from Phil delgado and they were talking about that they are thinking about buying a domain name and redirecting it to my redbubble site and this domain will be checked in the Search Console and this domain will be indexed, well, this is something interesting although I don't exactly like this idea, but someone at the bottom left a more interesting comment and I'll show you exactly how can you do this, I personally don't have to do this if I offer you Quickly you can see that you know that I have a lot of streams, so a lot of indexed designs are 211 and I have only 50, so I'm not complaining.

Honestly but a lot of people are not in my position OK, so the following interesting comment was from Philip Grobler and he said that this works in a good way to make sure that you are crawled, making your website complement it with your designs, create a sitemap and send it to the Search Console and then go ogle will crawl your website, then you can then put links from your website to your redbubble, well, I'll show you how you can set up this and everything very very easily but I want to show you another comment. I talked about doing it for free because to have your own website you have to pay money uh at least 20 dollars I would say because you need a domain and I suggested a Kia ora uh cura broker that apparently won't work because it's nofollow but the average might work depending on that, but I want to show you.

Another very interesting comment which was from Melissa, and I don't want to try and declare that 75 fades as you know I noticed that it takes weeks for my redbubble community. Getting indexed this is normal by the way, so a lot of people the problem is that their store is not old enough but people who have an old store and are still not indexed, then they definitely continue to watch this video so I bought a domain this year and the Ted Star publishes my products with external affiliate links, most of the products are indexed within a few hours or days now, this is really interesting because redbubble has an affiliate program, well you can see here I was reading about their referral program, you get 10 commissions on any referrals, so basically you get an additional 10 percent if someone clicks on a design.

So basically it was really interesting to me, so how can we actually do that and what is the Search Console too, so let's take a quick look at my Search Console, this is my personal website, and I'm not trying to show this or anything really really bad statistics, but if you go to the pages, we can see that there are well indexed pages that include an article that I wrote in literally 25 seconds in 25 seconds, well maybe less than that and it was published on the website in Within a minute he's getting impressions, it's a different video, but just so you know it's possible to rank it with really fast content which is interesting to me, I probably took this site 45 minutes and now I can.

Put red Bull links if you do if I have the same problem as others but as I explained before I don't have this problem, well, this is the Search Console and all you do is check your website, so if you go if you click on what I think or if you just come back to the Search Console, select this property here, yes, when you first go to the Search Console, you will be shown a screen like this, you can use Google Analytics to verify your account you can use the Tag Manager or you can just put this html code on your website, Well, let me explain to you how easy it is to create a website in 2021, Well, let's say Hamish's Redbubble site as an example I wouldn't obviously suggest that you have a much better Ah name but just try another cheap one and don't worry too much about the domain name, just try to get one basically.

So for seven euros a year like for one year I can get this site just fine, then it includes namecheap if I use WordPress to manage WordPress hosting it's easy to pay for easy WordPress, well, it's WordPress hosting and very affordable, and we're not looking to create Search Engine Optimization Power here, that's for one year if you go in one month, I think that's four euros a month very good and you'll get a free month too, and all your designs will probably be indexed within one month anyway, so you probably won't have to pay for more, but I suggest that you keep paying for it especially if you are planning to download More designs, so the process is really simple, just buy the domain and then select Easy WordPress, you will get one month for free, so you have paid about seven euros and now you have a website.

And then this is a very fast website ly and then this is the back end of the site, WordPress is very easy to use in my opinion and every time you have a new product or you can have only one page or you can even have a woocommerce store thinking about it while I'm making this video, you can create a woocommerce store and fill it only with your products from redbubble and then put the link to buy as a UH Redbubble link, so this question has been bothering me since I found out about this mainly. Originally, this was really cool because I realized that all your products have your redbubble name, and therefore we can use the search operators on Google to find out which of our designs are already indexed just fine, as I showed.

In my Redbubble seo video has changed it's completely different now and we have to be smarter in how we are ranked on Google and the reason is that Google is fed up and tired of spam Redbubble is an effectively spam website if actually look at how content is created, Google has always preferred user-generated content and user-driven content which has always been their ultimate goal, it's important that you understand the basics of SEO anyway, and I would recommend most people to create their own website because it's a fun experience to be completely honest as a basic experience it's an important skill that you can sell, and it's also really fun, and it's completely yours Like my YouTube channel, the reason I like youtube so much is because no one else has any control if it fails, it's my fault if it's successful, it's my success.

Instagram videos that will be released soon because my idea of redbubble on instagram is not really mine but someone else's idea will be like an incredible hope at all, it helps and calms down, I hope this video will help people index on google because it's an important part of my style and yes, get ready for instagram videos that will be released soon because my idea of redbubble on instagram is not really mine but it will be someone else's idea as an incredible hope at all, it helps and calms down