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This has been bothering me for the last few months, since I discovered that many people were not being indexed on Google

I don't have anything to gain from you trying this – I'm not leaving any affiliate links specifically for this reason

WordPress is incredibly cheap – and it is integrated nicely with NameCheap

I made this video because I want to help people get their own designs indexed on Google – I'm not even 100% sure this will work but the logic is good.

The process is:

1. Create a website
2. Index it on Google using Search Console
3. Link your Redbubble (with affiliate link) to your Redbubble store
4. Google will crawl your designs through your indexed website

The really cool thing about this is we can also put affiliate links to Redbubble to increase our margin, which is frankly a pretty awesome idea – especially if you can also drive traffic to your website




0:00 Intro
0:10 Redbubble Facebook Group – Decent group – not a lot of spam
0:20 Discussion is a continuation of the indexing issues on Google for Redbubble stores
0:30 Summary of Chris' post
1:00 Buying and redirecting a website to index your Redbubble designs – Could work but don't like it personally
1:31 My designs are indexed on Google for some reason
1:51 Phil's comment – I've seen him in SEO groups I think he knows his stuff for sure
2:26 I suggested a few free websites – you can also share on various social media websites
2:41 The most interesting comment on the thread – Using your own site to drive traffic, indexing, and USE AFFILIATE LINKS
3:29 I don't know if it's 10% of the sale or 10% of the artist's margin – would be even more if it's 10% of the sale
3:50 Here's my Search Console – made in a few hours, and some pages are indexed, with 0 effort
4:46 Showing how simple it is to verify your website on search console, and you should get indexed fairly quickly after
5:03 Showing how to use NameCheap and Easy WP integration to set up a wordpress website incredibly cheaply
5:44 About 4 Euros a month for hosting and 10 Euros for a year of a domain name
6:15 Showing the backend of WordPress
8:03 Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to have my own thing online finally 🙂

Ignore this I'm just testing something lol

This video is supposed to show you how to index your designs on Redbubble, which will also increase your earnings on Redbubble, not only that but your Redbubble profit will increase also

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