Redbubble is the Best Beginner Print on Demand Website

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I get asked a lot of questions about other print on demand websites – but as I show in this video Redbubble has several advantages

1. Sign-up is simple
2. You can just upload and move onto the next design
3. You can make good profit even from sticker sales if you increase your margin
4. Redbubble has the strongest SEO of any other websites similar to this (except Merch By Amazon – but signing up is complicated)

Redbubble has really good SEO, it has an internal marketplace that works well, and using my methods you can easily find uncompetitive keywords and kill it

Yes, it takes time, but all legitimate ways to make money from no investment take time

If you put the work in – you will make a good amount of sales

I hope this encourages people to start a Print on Demand journey with Redbubble – you can always move onto other websites, and Etsy, in the future



0:00 Intro
0:20 Why I think Redbubble is so good – it's so damn easy
0:48 What problems does Etsy have
1:23 First example of problems Etsy has – Shipping can be a nightmare
2:32 Be really careful with fees & taxes on Etsy – you might not even be making more money
3:29 Redbubble is far more simple – it's great to dip your toes into
3:50 My Redbubble earnings
4:09 Look at this profit difference on stickers – insane
4:21 I made a sale a few months ago and profited $0.46
4:52 Second sale with increased margins – almost triple the profit
5:24 Also if your currency is weaker than the pound/dollar your money per sale is more
5:36 SEO Analysis of Redbubble and its direct competitors which I know my users use – Spreadshirt, Teepublic, Zazzle
7:38 Look at how much stronger Redbubble is
8:04 Potential changes to the algorithm that may affect sales even more in the future
8:29 Playlist – My step-by-step print on demand starter tutorial