Redbubble SEO Has Changed

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This video is super important – SEO & Print on Demand SEO has changed

We face new challenges and you guys rightly have a lot of questions about indexing

You need to understand SEO more, especially in 2022, as more and more people enter the ring

Make sure you're getting ahead now by following the best practices that SEOs use to get indexed all the time

Post your new designs around everywhere you can, on every social media, and pray that you get indexed

There's not really much more we can do – until someone discovers the reason – it could be the follower idea I had but that's probably wrong

Hope this video helps you guys understand Redbubble SEO a bit more for next year – this can also be applied to Print on Demand SEO generally



0:00 Intro – Answering your questions about Redbubble SEO in the last few weeks
0:18 How to get your designs indexed and found on Google using Quora, Pinterest, any websites like that
1:32 How to know if your Redbubble designs and products are being found on google, or if they're not indexed
2:33 My theory that the first design that pops us is the best keyword
2:49 How to know if your traffic is coming from Google
3:06 No idea why my friend made this design like this – he's a really good designer lol
4:00 Question about whether search operators actually show volume – How to check a keyword's volume for free
5:13 Trusting google to show me good keywords
5:39 What does indexing mean – how does it affect my redbubble store?
6:00 Two types of Redbubble SEO – Google Organic and internal Redbubble SEO they are different
6:40 How to get your store on indexed – Maybe it's related to followers?
9:10 Why is my design not showing on Redbubble through Google? Old indexed pages
10:43 How to rank interally on Print on demand and mainly redbubble sites using title
11:45 An example of everything I've just said in one clip