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I've talked about this Redbubble Keyword Method a few times in the past, but thought I'd make a few updated videos on this method

Basically we're using the most powerful SEO tools in the world to spy on Redbubble's website

This works with any and all print on demand websites – so if you don't use redbubble you should still definitely watch this video

This works so well because we can find keywords that are already ranking on Google, and simply add our designs to the Redbubble search result page

But also we are using a tried and tested SEO technique, known as buyer keywords, which are always more competitive

The good thing is Redbubble does most of the hardwork for us (including the SEO) and that is one of the reasons I like Redbubble so much

In fact, Redbubble is probably the best Print on Demand website, in terms of SEO, and in terms of the fact that you're not responsible for anything except the design and your own product SEO

Hope this helps some people out, and as usual…



0:00 Welcome back – pretty cool method, using Buyer keywords from Redbubble's sitemap
0:23 What exactly is a buyer keyword, and how can it help me make sales
0:51 A great example of the difference between a buyer keyword and an informational keyword
1:13 Once you add the word apron, you can see that it becomes a buyer keyword, we can abuse this
1:38 How to find Redbubble's sitemap, and how this can help us find buyer keywords
2:00 Every single product that is available on Redbubble (and can rank in combination with a keyword on Google)
2:43 Ahrefs and SEMrush trials are perfect to spy on Redbubble and other print on demand websites
3:03 A completely free no sign-up method, doesn't work as well, but I don't like making videos on Paid tools only
3:53 How to use Ahrefs to find INSANE Redbubble Keywords