SEO Minion – How To Use Seo Minion For Content Ideas About Your Niche (Free Tool)

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SEO Minion – How To Use Seo Minion For Content Ideas About Your Niche (Free Tool)

When you're at a dead-end and can't think of what to write about, use Seo Minion. This powerful tool allows you to search for keywords related to your niche and generate content ideas based on those keywords. In this video tutorial, I'll show you how it works so that you can start using it too!

The first step is to type in the keywords you're interested in. The more specific or niche your keyword, the better. In this tutorial, I typed “English Bulldog.” Once we do that Seo Minion will give us a list of suggestions and tell how many pages rank for each one. We can scroll through them all or click on whichever

SEO Minion:

It will give you questions from the people also ask. These are real questions that people ask about your niche. Some of these questions can turn into content ideas like – blog, youtube videos, Facebook posts etc for your audience.

We can click on the ones that we want to answer.

Seo Minion will give you ideas based on what people ask in google and how many pages rank for each question. You just have to double-check these with other sources like your niche's forums, Reddit, etc. There are a lot of questions that don't get enough answers. That's how you come up with content ideas.

and etc. This will give you an idea of what people are looking for in your niche or related ones so that it's easy to come up with topics, titles and so

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