Top 10 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2022 | My fashion predictions for Print on Demand t shirts.

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Top 10 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2022 | My fashion predictions for Print on Demand t shirts. Look ahead and start designing for these. Look into these topics and niche down. Create your own tshirts on places like RedBubble, Merch by Amazon, TeePublic and more.

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Transcript of the Video

Hi guys, I'm Jonah from detour shirts, it's the end of the year and I wanted to make another prediction of T-shirt trends. This video is for next year 2022. I made a video like this last year around this time for 2021 (for this year) and a lot of these expectations have come true. So I wanted to do one more this year to see how well I'm doing. This is just my forecast for 2022, let's get started. Number one, American politics. They did really well in 2021. It can be for a Republican or a Democrat. Be sure to listen to the news to find out what is popular and popular for these topics of American politics. Second place , anime and Japanese. These things were really popular in 2021 as well and I think they will continue to perform well in 2022. Now it could be more caricatured, it could be more serious but just think.

In different ways you can incorporate Japanese animation and objects into your designs. Games are number three. A huge event of 2021. I think it will continue to perform well in 2022 and just think of different ways or different things that people who like games might want to wear. Number four, funny long sentences. I don't usually do that, but I've seen these a lot lately and these are very long sentences. You can see that the one on the left is very long. Think of different funny sentences that people might want to wear. Number five, skeletons. I have seen a lot of skeletons recently on the design of T-shirts. Here are some examples that you can do. Skeletons of the whole body, hands or just faces. Think of skeletons doing things. Number six, mystical moons. I've seen this a lot too in 2021. I think they are.

They will achieve really good results in 2022. You can make moons with trees, with cats or with mushrooms. Think of various mysterious moon designs that you can wear on T-shirts. Number seven, vintage nostalgia. Think about different things that make you think about the past. So it's not just the eighties or nineties, it can go back to the Sixties and fifties. Number eight vintage clip art. These are hand-drawn black and white clipart that you put into your designs. Here are some examples. You can make trains, cars, guitars, scooters and things like that. Motorcycles are also cool. Number nine, cats. Cats are huge. They are always famous but I think they will become even more famous if possible in 2022.

Think of cats doing funny things whether eating ramen or doing silly things. These are cats. And No. 10 Tigers. 2022 is the year of the tiger, so I think Tigers will be one of the most popular animals on T-shirts. Consider different ways in which you can do Tigers. They can be realistic Tigers or a cartoon tiger. Here are all the ten that I have predicted now again, these are my predictions, take a snapshot here and save it for the end of next year at this time next year and see how successful I am. And if you want to leave a comment about what you think will be popular in 2022, be sure to leave this in the comments. And, as usual, the guys continue to create and continue to learn. I'll see you the next day. Goodbye