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Top 5 Print on Demand Niches for January 2022 🔥 Use These for Better Traffic & Increase Sales for FREE. Learn what T-Shirt Topics to Design. Find out what specific topics you should be designing for each month. Holidays, trends and more. These niches work for all print on demand sites. Get my FREE download of all the months.

Holiday T-Shirt Niches of the Month

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👋 About this channel: My name is Juna. I am a graphic designer and t-shirt designer. I've been selling t-shirts online since 2005. I started selling with Merch by Amazon in 2017. I am currently a tier 100,000 seller on Merch by Amazon. I also sell products on RedBubble, TeePublic, CafePress, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Threadless, Society 6, Design by Humans and more. My channel is all about helping you design and sell t-shirts online. Let me know how I can help.

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Transcript of the Video

In this video I will tell you about the five T-shirt outlets that you should work on in January if you want to get more sales. Let's go!let's go!! Thank you for joining me in this video, My Name is Juna from Detour Shirts. I have been designing and selling T-shirts online since 2005 and my channel aims to help you learn how to design and sell T-shirts online. If this is something you want to learn how to do, don't forget to press that subscribe button there. So in this video I do it again. I'll tell you the five best holiday outlets you should work on in January. So we usually design shirts a month or two in advance. So in January you will want to design for the holidays in February and March and I'll show you that here in this video.

Now this is the last of my series, so you can go back and watch all the videos from January to December and get them all but at the end of this video I will give you a special bonus pdf. This is a free download on my Detour Shirts website with all of them there since this is the last series that you will be able to print and get every year and this will work every year month after month. Just make sure that in January you are going to do February, March, etc. So, do it a couple of months in advance, they will be in the holiday columns, so Valentine's day will be in February and St. Patrick's will be in March and things like that. So use this resource for your T-shirt design ideas at least for holiday ideas every year from now on. So I'm getting ahead of myself. But before we get in.

So, let's get into the five holiday niches that you should design in January. So for the first place, let's start with one of the biggest holidays for T-shirts, which is Black History Month which you can see here I searched on Google when Black History Month starts in February first, so where we want the design let's look at Amazon and you can see that the bsrs are very low I just typed in a Black History Month at such extremely low prices, and did not A month passes.

February is so far, so people are selling these now and getting some sales so you can see a lot of different ways, this is usually one of the biggest t-shirt holidays of the year that you can see or just the front page amazing results here and here and just so many different ways that you can do it, so it's not just one thing, it's like big holidays like Christmas and Halloween where there are a lot of different things to say and do this holiday, so take a look though, there are a lot of different ways to do it, I noticed that the colors they use black and yellow and the green ones are Usually the colors on the shirt but not always you can see black and white as well, so get creative with this by enjoying this, you can see that this one has different colors here too, the colors are different.

So there are a lot of different ways to do this one of the biggest holidays again, so this is the first place to design in January because it's a holiday in February and this is Black History Month, so for the second place, it's Heart Disease Awareness month that I wrote here on google, you can see that February is the American Heart Month that is really easy to remember because it's also Valentine's month, so let's take a look at Amazon, This is not as big as Black History Month or Valentine's day, but you can see that there are some designs here with some BSR less, some less than others that you can see here, take a look at that's so you need to be creative in This I don't think this will be any better than Valentine's day but since you are already doing some difficult things, you can use some of these drawings for this month for heart disease awareness or heart disease awareness.

, Take a look at some of these ideas that you know the Strip is here and some of them are doing well, but some of them are not such a good thing as this even the heart warrior again is not as huge as Valentine's day but all these Disease Awareness Months are very popular all this year not as big as breast cancer awareness month or something like that, but it's still one of those that I want to make sure that you are aware of and this is the right place for you which is Heart Awareness Month, so the third place is Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day is always on the second of February, and you can see here, I've searched just about it on Google and it's something coming up, it's not a huge holiday but There are some T-shirts for a look on Amazon that I wrote on Groundhog Day T-shirts and you can see a very low bsr, some of them.

Here, let's look at these people are not bad, it's not like people wear Groundhog Day T-shirts and go to a Groundhog Day party or things like that but they are still very popular and they are cute animals and you know it's a popular holiday, so take a look at these that I really like, I'm not doing that well but using that old clip art that I talked about in another video but you can do that you know the old clip art, you can do cartoon groundhog days more real no matter how fun uh the idea behind Groundhog Day is that if shadow him or not so he can play with this idea too which is kind of It pops out of the slot so you can enjoy it, so this is a a c you can see a lot of old sunsets, a lot of cartoon stuff like that, so have fun with this thing, it's like that.

This is the place for you number three and this is Groundhog Day, so for the fourth place, I'm doing another Disease Awareness Month and this month is Ms month or MS Awareness Month, you can see that in March this month says 2021 but it's March every year, so let's take a look here at the Amazon Ms T-shirt and take a look at these patients are not bad okay, so we are very good, some are higher than others, but you still know after two months, so I think this one is good again not as big as breast cancer awareness month as far as the shirt goes but it is still very important that a lot of people suffer From MS and things like that so you can see some other ideas that they got back here and things like that, so a lot of people suffer from MS and I think this is a big holiday for this too.

So you can just see it, so it's just a way to find out if you have some people in your life who have this, maybe you want to know their support by wearing T-shirts and things like that, so this is the month that the march is going through, so these are a lot of different ideas that you can do this too again, keep going, I wanted to put us here to make sure that you are aware of all these monthly awareness months of the year, I'm going to put it on my big list too but this is your fourth specialized number which is MS Awareness Month, so for the fifth place, I have Mardi Gras, so the Mardi Gras will fall on different days every year in 2022, will fall on The first of March, but you usually know the area of the February March and this is a great holiday for T-shirts or kind of like St. Patrick's day they spin.

About drinking, partying and things like that but Mardi Gras goes for seven days and so it starts on Tuesday I think and you can see here look at these BSRs super low low on the right and there are many different ways in which you can D check out the colors also because they use a lot of bright colors usually like light yellow, light green, light purple or blue, I think purple is a lot more than blue but you can see here just enjoying the mask and beads and you know Louisiana furry rent that contains many famous things for the mother of Mardi Gras, so there are a lot of of the ways to do this, you can Seeing this one only with colors and a fur version, so get some ideas here to discover something very popular that I won't tell you this year because it will change every year, but you will have to do some research and some kind of niche appropriate no.

Just say Mardi Gras on your T-shirt I found out some phrases that someone might want to wear this year for Mardi Gras, so let's take a little more look at some ideas that you can see that masks are very popular here flamingos and they are great, beads and drinking of course a lot of drinking on Mardi Gras so have fun with this, make sure if you put drinking in your headline or descriptions, don't click on a youth T-shirt that will be rejected by Amazon, but again, there are a lot of fun ways, a lot of fun colors on this color, so enjoy this T-shirt, this is your fifth fitting number and this is Mardi Gras, so for my additional specialty , I want to talk about some safe news stories right now, I can't find one right now, there's not one I can think of right now but you want to go in and look, just watch in.

The news, you don't want to do things that are considered tragedies but you can do things that are very safe, so let's take a look at Amazon for example 2022 is coming, so if you've done 2022 you know to say goodbye and Hello more than something in the new year but a few years ago there was a big eclipse that might happen in 2022, I don't know that you will have to do some research but you can see that eclipse shirts are a really safe kind of news story take a look at Joe Biden's things, anything that says that it will probably hit a Y shirt or not, you will be popular on a T-shirt or not, that's the thing, so stay tuned for news as there will be a lot of space travel this The year there will be a lot of things, just keep an eye on the news and make sure that it's safe to wear T-shirts so that you can't put everything on.

I can't predict what they will be, but just stay tuned, so I'm going to put this as an additional niche that is safe news stories with an emphasis on security, you don't want copyright for anything that you don't want. You don't want to break the terms of service, you don't want to publish news stories where people were killed or died or anything like that, so safe news stories can make good T-shirts but it's really hard to predict what they're going to be unless it's something like an event like an eclipse or something we know in advance but just keep an eye on the news for the next cohesion.