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This method takes my original method of seeing which of your products are indexed on Google, and instead shows us EVERY SINGLE PAGE OUR REDBUBBLE STORE IS MENTIONED ON

This is useful because we can potentially find keywords that we're ranking for, but we would like to move up for, and we can change or add the exact phrase match to the title, therefore improving our Redbubble store's SEO

This should help you increase your Redbubble traffic and therefore earnings, so get on it!

This method uses a very simple search operator: intext:REDBUBBLESTORENAME

For example: intext:streamsurfer

If you perform this search on Google you will see that my store is mentioned at least 5000 times across Redbubble

The more times you're mentioned, the more times you will rank and be seen

This video is the start of something else, I'm also going to make a video explaining the Redbubble algorithm and how it ranks us for keywords

I hope this video helps you do some research on your own stores, and I'll see you really soon with some more content