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This no index situation is very strange – and affects a huge variety of different stores

Check your products out yourself to see if you've been hit with the no index tag problem

This affects your ability to get Organic Traffic to your store

At the end of the day this makes it more difficult to make sales and to increase your Redbubble earnings

I do highly recommend checking out your chrome developer tools on the Redbubble page of your chioce and see


Transcript of the Video

I feel like i really need to make a video about this problem that is happening on redbubble i want you to go on your products okay pick a few products and on google chrome i will need to right click and i want you to press inspect which brings up the code of the website.

Okay this is the entire page but in code format and we can do a couple of interesting things here but the main thing i want you to do is i want you to press ctrl f and then i want you to type no index without a space.

And i want you to look for this specific piece of html okay and i want to explain what this piece of html is so the if you do have it you can understand why this is a problem okay this is basically telling google robots to not index this piece of content.

Okay and this normally happens with products that are in very very popular niches another thing i've noticed is that it seems to affect people from certain countries i have no evidence of that other than kind of information that i've gathered but i've seen it from all countries as well it's not just certain countries so.

It's it's a really interesting thing and sometimes it's everyone's every single product that someone has and sometimes it's just five products that some people have i've never seen this on one of my products okay but this means that this particular design will never index on google okay and.

My best theory at the moment is that it's when it's something like christmas and when it's just really really generic then most likely it's not going to be indexed i've talked about this before okay but i wanted to explain exactly how to find out on your own store if you've been watching my live streams recently i've been finding out some.

Really really interesting information for people so definitely look out for my live streams because they're they're pretty fun my internet's really really bad but i definitely enjoy them another thing i've noticed is if you have a lot of tags it sometimes gives the no index tag.

As i said in my live stream i've just uploaded a few products uh i'm really really hoping to make a quick sale here let me just open the instagram see if anyone's liked the picture but what i want to do quickly in this video is i want to see if i've been hit by the no index tag problem so this is my new design my basta i.

Haven't actually checked this yet i checked the other one but i haven't checked this yet no index i have been hit by it that's interesting that's super super super interesting okay let me see why let me see how many results there are for basta.

Only 419 that's interesting i wonder why they decided to hit this specific design with the no index tag let's see the chow design yeah it's been hit by the no index wait are all my designs no index now i forgot to say hang on i checked some of them before they weren't no index are they seriously.

No index now did i do something wrong like what is happening okay so this design is indexed or is it's possible that it will be indexed what about this design okay so these are all the new designs all of the older designs are okay to be indexed but the newer designs aren't so maybe it's.

Like a temporary thing okay interesting interesting so it's just my new designs i don't know if i'll check this one let me just quickly check no in next yeah it's just my new designs okay i think that's a really really interesting video guys and it's given me a lot to think about i'm gonna check these every day.

To see whether it's a permanent thing or to see whether it's just a temporary thing but this could really really stop you from making sales okay so it's definitely something that you want to check and another thing you want to check is i keep talking about this in videos.

And this is my my page and it's not nothing's been indexed on google yet so my only hope right now to make a sale is literally my instagram which is depressing because like i don't i don't do social media i'm an seo like seo is my strong point so it's it's interesting to see.

The struggles of a new store but you've got to remember i made this store like two weeks ago i'll give this three months and if nothing's being indexed then i'm gonna really really dig deep into the store and try and find out why this particular store is not being indexed but my other store for example which is.

A year old now is being indexed and it's just an interesting concept and i'm really really enjoying this test but i think i do have to make another redbubble store to actually try and make sales because people tend to steal my designs anyway i'll leave it there guys and.

Thanks for tuning in and make sure you don't have the no index tag and if you do please comment below and if you're okay with making your redbubble store public then also leave your republican store name how old your store is how many sales you've made etc etc and i will probably make that into a.

Video at some point because i'm really really enjoying live streaming the same thing where i'm looking at people's designs and their stores to see if they're indexed etc okay peace out and i'll see you later