I audited Redbubble Stores for 4 days (THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED)

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I have developed a completely unique way of auditing your Redbubble store

I show 4 different steps that you need to do to see what part of your Redbubble store is weak:

– Your titles
– Your niches
– Your Tags
– Your designs

I have become good at guessing how many Redbubble sales people have made by doing this method, with some degree of accuracy

What should that tell you?

That it works.

From a facebook post I made:

After 4 days of streaming every night to look at people's stores and learn what I could about what makes a good store, how to see where you store is week etc. I present to you my 3 step free system (with an optional 4th free trial/paid step):

Basically we're going to look at three things

How many of your designs are indexed on Google
How many times you're mentioned on Google
Of those mentions, how many are Redbubble search result pages?

This comes after a lot of research and looking at good and bad stores, and I use my own store as an example which you can compare it to

We're just going to use three search operators (to use a search operator go to google.com and copy and paste one of these three options, replacing “redbubbleshopname” with your name):

site:redbubble.com inurl:redbubbleshopname
site:redbubble.com intext:redbubbleshopname
site:redbubble.com intext:redbubbleshopname inurl:/shop/ -people

My store has 50 designs with:

286 Indexed products
4500 Mentions
1800 Mentions on Redbubble search result pages

Compare your numbers to that


Check the health of your Redbubble store today

0:00 How to audit your Redbubble store without Google analytics or Redbubble Dashboard
0:46 My own system – using Google Search Operators
1:31 How many indexed products you have on Google
2:30 How many times your Redbubble shop is mentioned across Redbubble
2:54 Also shows Redbubble Search Result pages – very useful for us
3:10 Video – search operator method for keywords –
3:27 How to see which Redbubble search result pages you are on
3:55 Compare your store to my store – I have 50 designs and this many indexed products, and mentions across Google/Redbubble
4:15 This will tell you if the problem is your title, niches, or tags
6:02 The final – paid method – use Ahrefs/SEMrush to look at your own Redbubble store
7:55 This is for the OG's – Still haven't changed that god damn design I WILL CHANGE THIS I PROMISE