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As usual, this method is ‘thinking outside the box' – there will be another video coming using to find keywords – but I just thought that this was super interesting and after checking there were two very good keywords with a lot of potential

It's a very interesting method because it shows interest in a keyword recently – but general interest – not interest on

I really like these kinds of keywords because they don't take data from Redbubble, and therefore this is completely untapped

Hope you guys agree that this video was worth making, and I would definitely check out this website and maybe a few others which have trending search features (that's something else I'm going to check now)

This method is great for Redbubble SEO because it uses keywords with good trending potential, and low competition. This means we can easily rank on Google using longtail keywords.

This can lead to good sales, especially if we find an emerging niche such as Manhattenist – Which I think you guys would agree has A LOT of earning potential on Redbubble – and will probably increase your sales if you use this method to find keywords like that

This has given me more ideas to find more recently trending designs, to look for emerging trends that will probably become evergreen niches eventually