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This video was the most requested in my recent straw poll asking you guys what you would want to see next

In this video I explain step-by-step the inner workings of SEO, and how they are related to External SEO (Google)

This video goes through the processes of finding your design within redbubble but also through Google – as well as a brief introduction to how you can look at your own store on Google

The point behind this video is to encourage you to go for designs even if they have 10,000+ competitors – the reason is because firstly if there is a lot of competition there are sales to be had, and secondly because you can still easily rank on the first page by using title tags and description effectively

I hope this video encourages you to go for more difficult keywords – and will lead to more Redbubble sales for my small community



0:00 Sorry about the mic there still getting used to it
0:15 Internal and external Redbubble SEO
0:29 An example of how they are linked together – This is why I recommend you sell on more than one print on demand website
1:27 Just uploading on Redbubble is not strong – this is a great example why
1:55 This was all external SEO – the only thing we can do is try to make our products rank – but very little is in our control
2:25 Using external SEO and internal SEO together to rank for competitive keywords
2:58 The process is so simple and so easy – just write a main keyword in the title, tags, and description
4:23 You can set it to the last 30 days on Redbubble analytics
5:01 This counts as Organic – not internal redbubble traffic (I don't think many people know this)
5:45 Why tags are so important – clickthrough rate – the more mentions you have across redbubble and the more times you get clicks when you are shown – the better you will rank overall
6:15 How to see all of the products you are mentioned across Redbubble on – this is a great way to optimize clickthrough and to see if your products look good on the products you're being shown on
7:11 Impressions and clickthrough rate explained
8:29 Why it's stupid to not ensure all of your designs look good on every product – you lose clickthrough rate
8:56 The point of this keyword is you can rank for everything – I've seen some pretty crazy stores recently which have changed the way I think about Redbubble
9:48 My theory – these algorithms give chances to new designs and if they pass a certain threshold they rank for a period of time
10:10 Why I think even in competitive niches with CC0 copyright-free websites you can still compete and make sales if you think about Redbubble SEO properly
11:11 It's actually pretty easy to compete for already saturated niches because you have the advantage of understanding how to rank redbubble products