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A step-by-step process for you to follow to find out where your Redbubble sales come from when you make one

The reason this is necessary is because it's notoriously difficult to track people properly online – and Redbubble honestly does a fairly poor job of it. They really should sign up to Google Analytics 4.

However, thankfully, I've managed to come up with step-by-step plan for finding out

1. Check Google analytics and see if it says direct
2. If it says direct, you have to use google itself to try and identify an indexed page that the sale came from
3. Use search operators to see if your redbubble products are indexed
4. Use search operators to see the Redbubble search pages your designs are indexed on
5. Check where you rank on internal redbubble rankings

One of these will usually give you a fairly clear cut answer, although we can't be certain