THE MET OPEN ACCESS Tutorial (Public Domain Images For Commercial Use)

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (“The Met”) has over 375,000 images that are considered ‘open access', which means that you can use them for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without attribution or fee. Basically, they can be used for any reason! The hard part is navigating the huge website and trying to find specific images. In this video, I do a walkthrough of the Met Open Access search portal and show off 5 hidden gems that can help spark your searching on the Met! These designs can be great raw fodder for your print-on-demand artwork (, Teepublic, Etsy, etc.). It can also be a useful tool if you are creating digital artwork for sale on Etsy or other digital platforms.


00:00 What is Open Access?
00:21 How To Find It
00:51 How To Search
04:47 Hidden Gem #1
06:16 Hidden Gem #2
07:00 Hidden Gem #3
07:40 Hidden Gem #4
08:07 Hidden Gem #5