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I finally managed to crack the code – I now bring you my Search Operator method 3.0 – Using them with a scraper to extract keywords for free – This gives you LOW COMPETITION KEYWORDS which have DEMAND. Is there anything better?

Easily search through a website's indexed search result pages and find the best keywords, in date order, allowing you to jump on trends before they emerge

I hope this helps you find some golden keywords and I'll see you real soon with some more content

The article:

A Masterclass to Finding Low Competition Print on Demand Keywords

This video focuses on the main 4 versions of Print on Demand people ask me about:

Merch By Amazon
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


The idea behind this method is as follows:

1. Choose your Print on Demand platform
2. Choose your Search Operator
3. Test the Search Operator to make sure you get results on google.com
4. Sign up to Scale Serp for a free account with 125 searches a month
5. Fill in the details as I showed you in this video
6. Press send to API, copy and paste the keywords into an Excel document and clean the data
7. Check with Ahrefs for buyer keywords, be careful for copyright

This is by far one of the best keyword methods I've found for Redbubble, Merch By Amazon, KDP, and Etsy, so up your Print on Demand SEO today with this insane keyword method which guarantees you will rank on Google for these keywords, when used with tags.

I hope you guys enjoyed and as usual, PEACE

0:00 My mission is complete – Merch by Amazon, KDP, Etsy, Redbubble Keyword Method
0:38 The spreadsheet can be found on my website
0:49 What each search operator does – Merch by Amazon
1:08 Low competition KDP Low Content Keyword Ideas
1:51 Etsy – Replace shirt with whatever you sell
2:07 Low competition in-demand keywords on Redbubble
2:21 Scale Serp Settings
3:15 Change time period to custom
3:33 Copy and paste into a spreadsheet and start the next one
4:24 How to clean a keyword document sheet to give you just the keywords
5:32 Some examples of nice keywords I found
7:11 Potentially one of the best keywords I've ever found for all Print on Demand platforms – Perfect T-shirt idea
8:19 Their indexed number of results is accurate
9:31 If you want you can just use a free scraper or just do it manually