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This video will unlock some people to really start to scale their print on demand business

Each design will have unique SEO, meaning that it can rank for many different things

Once you get into te flow of this method, you will see just how good it is.

This video focuses on – Because it's so easy to duplicate and upload another design on there. This video is also a test – I want to see if my hunch behind the noindex tag is correct and uploading too many products is bad

At the moment all of the products still have noindex, but if they remove the tag, I am going to try to make it to 1000 designs and dominate some Organic SEO in my niche

If you want to learn how I'm going to do that – watch this video – I love the idea of just uploading to Redbubble, forgetting about it, then making good sales for the next few years – this will increase your passive income earnings from redbubble in the future, and as I'm already making about $50 a month from 50 designs, if this method works I could make up to $300 a month just casually from Redbubble

This should give me some passive income to help me work on other projects also

Making money online is easy, it just takes some work at the beginning. You only make sales if you bother to upload designs

Redbubble SEO is easy – Redbubble keywords are easy – my methods use tried and tested SEO methods to give us huge amounts of keywords in literally seconds

I'll make another video on this, using different word combinations, to create hundreds of designs, all which can be templated and uploaded to Redbubble – BUT ONLY IF THEY GET INDEXED

This method, for me, is pointless if the actual designs do not get indexed and start to rank organically on Google

Organic sales are important to me – and that is why I will not continue with this method if the designs do not get indexed

I hope you're excited as I am, and you enjoyed the new format of my videos, with a bit more editing now I have discovered DaVinci Resolve

I can also make some tutorials on DaVinci Resolve!

Thanks for all the support recently, and as usual, peace out

0:00 Intro – how to create and upload many designs to Redbubble in an hour
0:26 – How to find keywords – – use a combination of two or more keywords to get a list of weird and wonderful niches
1:27 Using Canva to mass-produce designs using duplicate and editing, yes it's not automated, but I like that – I am using Canva pro
3:15 Put all of your keywords into a google sheet
3:27 Use a popular tag tool and take the overall niche such as “fishing” instead of “live laugh fish” – This gives redbubble SEO to each design
4:10 Fill out the excel document with tags in the second column
4:50 I don't really care about descriptions
5:12 Make one template and make it look good on every product – this is a super important part of the process
6:27 I only uploaded 15 designs because I got a bit bored, but you can do 60 in an hour from scratch I'm certain – I will prove it
7:02 I enjoyed this a lot and I'll be doing more content like this – I also really want to have a lot more products on my Organic SEO store
7:50 It takes about 30 seconds to upload like this, which is super efficient
9:20 Peace