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I decided to spend $15 on Facebook ads to see what I would get out of them on a store – I mainly did this because I was just curious

I wasn't really expecting to make a sale, and I think I did actually manage to make one – which is pretty awesome

Was it worth it? Absolutely not. But it still felt good to get a sale and increase my Redbubble earnings

Also another one of my products on this store is now indexed, and has the potential to get some organic SEO traffic from google

I'm still working away on my stores, trying my best to upload as many designs as I can

Now that I have a faster system for making designs, I may add a huge amount of Italian quotes to this page, in order to grow my future Redbubble earnings on this store as well

I am still posting Instagram reels, mainly of my life in Italy, which another one got about 3000 views which is awesome to see

Again my sale/design ratio on this new store is also very good, so I'm very happy with the progress I've made in a couple of months on my Social Media Marketing Redbubble store

These experiments keep on getting more interesting for me to make, and I can't wait to keep sharing Redbubble SEO and keyword methods with you

I hope this video helps you and keeps you away from buying Facebook adverts for your Redbubble store – there are better (and free) ways to advertise your redbubble store and start making quick sales