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In the second episode of this 500 product store challenge and informational video I show you how to get a crap-load of Redbubble Keywords with guaranteed sales in under 10 minutes

To watch the playlist from the beginning, click this link:

You can do this for free as I showed in the last video, and also in this video, but I decided to use Ahrefs as it's way faster and puts them in order of volume

For now the keywords will be kept for myself, until I have time to start increasing massively my organic traffic

This process should take about a month and will be super interesting to see if I can make any kind of full-time passive income in the future from my efforts now

I'd love to be getting more and more Redbubble sales and increasing my earnings, and I personally love redbubble because it's super easy, the SEO is very strong, and although there are tag spammers, I feel like my Redbuble niche research is particularly strong.