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It's time to get our KDP game on! I spent some time researching the best-selling books right now, and I discovered some of the Best KDP Niches you should target in 2022. These Top selling KDP Niches are all big hits right now, and I bet they're only going to keep getting more popular! Let's get your KDP game to the next level. Watch full video.

KDP No Content Books are one of the easiest and quickest types of books to create and self publish on the Amazon KDP Platform. As a result it can also be very competitive unless you find those profitable niches. It is possible to make money online and build a passive income with just these books alone. In this video I shared Best KDP Niches with good search volume and are not overly competitive if you find the right keywords.

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Transcript of the Video

In this video i'm going to reveal some of the  best kdp niches if you're looking to start a new   business right now okay i would recommend  you jump in to these hot trending topics wow okay um something that you want to pay  attention to when first coming into any business   is you'll see like a lot of general topics okay  one example is cryptocurrency you'll see something   this niche is making a lot of money so how can you  take advantage of of this that niche and make you   know just a half a percent one percent two percent  in that niche as far as making money if you think   about it that way you will see new opportunity  coming like everything changes every single   year right it's not the same trending you know  niches that are making money every single year   of course these these are niches that will do that  every single year but then there's new niches that  .

Come along and there's an opportunity for you  to make money so think about it that way what what the [ __ ] all right so the first one we're  gonna talk about is cryptocurrency okay this is a   niche that is just blowing up and there's a ton of  money to make in here okay from novels okay from   probably even coloring books i haven't even looked  that up yet but you know low content books okay um   one of the things that i look at when i come in  here i type in cryptocurrency and i'm looking   at okay this right here is keywords everywhere  this is a free uh no not keywords everywhere   amz suggest an expander okay this is a free tool  so when you type in like a keyword or a niche it   shows a lot of good information in here so crypto  cryptocurrency logbook trading journal okay it's   like populating keywords in here that people are  searching for on amazon which can be book ideas  .

Okay this is telling you the story okay throughout  this whole video that i'm going to share with you   all the keywords that you're looking at is going  to tell your story so if you can think of anything   how you can jump into this niche and make money  do so right this is why i'm creating this video   so you can understand okay this may be something  that i can do okay uh cryptocurrency for babies   okay one that's popping out is cryptocurrency  investing crypto currency logbook okay i'm seeing   cryptocurrency log book a lot of times right here  okay log book log book log book log book investing   okay so first thing that i look at when i  search for something like this is look at   the keywords and then i come down i want to  see what's going on i want to see these bsrs   okay this whole front page okay it has has  some really awesome bsrs so what does that mean  .

That means that there's a demand in this niche  okay people are buying in this niche okay   so what you need to do is figure out what you can  create inside of this niche and make some damn   money yourself right so the whole front page has  bsrs so then we come over here i came over here   and then kryptos currency trading logbook okay now  you can see this exact phrase popping up obviously   is going to pop up some more keywords um are you  people are creating log books okay in this niche   and making sales okay something to think about  okay so notebooks log books maybe coloring books   uh journals okay day to day trading and stuff  like that you can see that people are coming in   here and creating these types of books so you know  just sharing as an example there's something that   like that that you can create for this niche right  and it can be it can even be a notebook okay with  .

Just just lines in it and i'm pretty sure if  you create something like that with the funny   saying on it you may potentially make sales but  the more work that you put into the book okay   the more effort that you put into the book  the less competition that you're gonna have   something to think about when you jump into  any new niche because there's gonna be a lot   of competition everyone's gonna be creating  line note journals right so you gotta figure   okay what's the next step log book coloring  book you know something like that that's the   first thing that comes into my mind um journal  okay and just kind of just go more into detail   okay learn the niche a little bit more and  create something really amazing in this niche   also i just i took one of these um this heat sleep  eat sleep trade repeat um i just want to see the  .

Key words okay using uh healing a silly bro helium  10 right checking out what keywords what exact   phrases people are using in the search volume okay  this is something that i use a lot okay throughout   different niches or just just researching a  certain niche i want to see that you know if   there's a volume how many competing products stuff  like that in this nation and maybe there's another   you know long tail keyword that's popping out can  be a book idea for me to create something and then   also a cool thing is just the competing products  right it will show you information in here   and for that long-term long-term long-tail keyword  phrase right it'll tell you like the competing   products okay sometimes you'll catch new ideas in  here and you'll see that there you know there's   a search volume and it's starting to pick up and  there's no you know competition okay when it comes  .

To that type of stuff that's something that i like  to jump into early because then you can create   when you create a sale when you make a cell in  that niche you're ranking clo you're already   like ranking close to paid you're already ranking  on page one and almost ranking you know top five   already so something to pay attention to when  you're using these type of tools any tools that   you're using out there um for this video that  i created which are you guys i use blick bolt   and helium 10 okay as far as researching and  stuff like that and then personally myself i   do my own research as i create books for um  you know on kdp and publish them on amazon   all right now so the next one was  meditation okay came over here to book bolt   products and then i searched meditation okay  one of the things okay relaxation meditation  .

You know coloring books seem to be a  very big thing when it comes to this okay   like it leads back to a lot of things uh in this  niche okay coloring books just journaling you know   um fantasy relaxing all the stuff you're gonna  see all these different types of keywords okay   this is a huge niche and you can make a lot of  money if you understand what the customers want in   this niche so you're going to see like this called  mandalala i can't even say it mandala okay um   this uh this niche right here is something  that's a very very popular niche for adults   like and you're gonna see  like relaxation meditation   happiness okay and you can see the bsr just  crushing okay um now fairy like fantasy fairies   you know you're seeing a lot of this  stuff right here okay something that is  .

It's you know takes a like stuff like this is what  i mean when it takes a little bit more work you're   gonna stand out in the niche and you're creating  less competition for yourself i'm all for you know   finding you know like different types of logbooks  and notebooks and color and you know notebooks and   all that stuff but then when you start to dominate  a certain niche and you're starting to make sales   leverage that and create something amazing to  that next level you know you can create like a   freaking awesome coloring book in a niche that  will make you tons of tons of money and be next   thing you know you have a top rated book in a  niche that's just crushing it it's number one brown girls meditate okay let's go down  a little bit 365 days of meditation   okay this is a really this is really  cool okay accountability and mindfulness  .

This right here as i got like i'm telling you  this is becoming a big a big thing a real real   big thing in today's world when it comes  to meditation okay um happiness and health   and all that stuff so if you can think of  something that you can create in this niche   which would be really really powerful you can  make some money over here right um and maybe   you can just think of a different type of attitude  okay and you're gonna see look at these keywords   these keywords in this one right here positivity  journal mindfulness gratitude self-aware joy   meditation journaling blog book so like a a  day-to-day journal that you can write i mean a   day-to-day journal that someone can write in right  and maybe be thankful for something okay and then   meditation too as well okay so mixing a little bit  of this and mixing a little bit of that into there  .

Next thing you know you have a really awesome  journal okay but remember keep in mind meditation   right um and yeah i was looking at i searched  that over on a book vault but if i come over here   to you're going to see like you know  there's meditation for beginners like teaching   people how to meditate stuff like that and don't  think that you cannot create something like this   think about like how you know you would approach  this niche or and how would you come into this   niche and create something that someone  really wants right if you create something   that solves a problem or help somebody with  something as far as like a book book wise   you can create a top seller that's going to sell  over and over and over and over and over and over   okay which can make you some money right so this  niche has a really high demand especially like  .

I said with everything going on in the world um  over the last few years meditation is a big thing   and it's kind of more of an open thing now right  and a lot of people practice it on a day-to-day   basis to help them throughout the day all right  so the next one is going to be uh self-help okay   this niche is there's a lot of bsrs that are  crushing in this nation this is a very big big   big niche okay um as i self-help space  you're gonna see so self-help books for   women okay uh samuel smiles obviously you  know double checking for anything that's uh   copyright or anything like that trademark or  anything always double check that uh self-help   books for men okay now you're seeing money so  financial stuff okay uh self-help journal okay um   work work workbooks okay so there's workbooks so  self-help for workbook workbooks and stuff like  .

That um as you can see self-help planner self-help  stress management so there's diff there's like   several different sub niches in this niche that  you can possibly go after i don't wanna i don't   wanna hear like oh i don't know what to do i  don't know what to do in this niche i just named   like four different things that you can probably  go after in this niche and there's probably even   more as you start to dig in even more into this  niche okay so let's come down here a little bit   um there's some very popular books that i have  you know listened to the actual audio books   myself personally there was also three-minute  positivity journal okay so boost your mood   train your mind change your life okay you're  seeing like so self-help as far as you may be   you know maybe you need some positivity and you  know some mind training right so as you start to  .

Dive into this niche you're kind of getting  the vibe of like what's going on right what   are people doing in this niche what are people  searching for self self love workbook for women   okay it's a bestseller in this niche okay and  you can learn by looking at the key keywords in   the nation scene like okay what's going on what  people are searching for what are why are they   searching for this book you know what what's so  good about this book and then another thing that   you can possibly do too is when you come over here  you can come over here and click on a book like   this and then look at the reviews okay the reviews  tell you a story okay what they're using it for   how come they're purchasing this book you know  like how is it helping them okay because if you   like i told you if you create something that helps  somebody then you're gonna make a lot of money  .

This is very very powerful that's why  i'm saying like this self-help niche   is big there's a huge there's a lot of  different sub niches inside of this niche   that you can go after okay so let's go back  up here let's say like you want to just make a   journal or something okay let's just type that  in something very simple okay there's a lot of   okay you can see like you know these are  these a little bit easier to create but   obviously if you find you know that that  little sub niche where people are actually   want they want that type of book you can  make some money but like i told you the more   the more it take the more it takes for you to  create that book the more time you spend creating   that book the less competition that you're going  to have for yourself okay um you're seeing the  .

Five-minute gratitude journal you're seeing  a lot of the self-self-help guide to becoming   the main character of your life um there's a  ton of like there's there's so many different   things that you can do in this niche so if you can  think of something self-help self-care self-love   money management financial stuff like  that this can be a really awesome niche   where you can create a top seller  that will make you a lot of money   every single month all right so the next niche is  going to be mental health okay mental health is   something like over when the pandemic happened  it's like a big thing okay um this is something   that's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and  being more open in the public right um are really   really really awesome right i  think it's something that we  .

You know as life you know as we start to get older  and stuff like that life goes on and we're not   taught about this okay um and if you can think  of something that you can probably relate to   personally yourself when it comes to mental  health and help other people do it because   this is a niche right now that is just booming and  getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger   okay um you can see by looking at the keywords  journal books workbooks for teens men for kids   for dummies through through will training first a  journal journal for women um books mental health   gifts black men children black women the church  and criminal justice aging exercise interesting   okay so i think this is another niche that is  a huge niche and if you can have some type of   take on this right and you have some knowledge  on it or if you're learning about this niche  .

This can be a potential niche that will  make you money from for years to come okay   mental health has been like a big thing  for me since i was a kid okay learning   a lot about stuff and i think it's applies to a  lot of us can relate to it in our own way right   something that's not taught in school okay but  looking by just looking at the niche and the   bsrs and stuff like that uh i'm not saying turn  into a doctor or nothing like that but you know   looking at these bsrs there's opportunity  in this niche that you can make money with   okay um even just creating some type of journal or  something like that that someone likes to write in   okay and help with their day-to-day  stuff you're seeing anxiety okay   trauma mental health but there's a  lot of good bsrs in this niche okay so  .

Let's go back up let's there goes that three  minute of positivity journal it's a bestseller   in this niche um let's just go right there and  type that that long tail keyword and let it   see what pops up there's that three minute journal  again or that three minutes of positivity journal   uh and the anxiety check in let's i want to  click on one of these because i want to see   what's going on okay this looks like something  let's talk self-discovery something that's okay looks like they put a they put some work  into this let's click on something like this   some of these issues like i said when you  come over here and click on some of these   like i'm telling you if you put in  some work into these these books right   it's it you're gonna create you can see  how they have quote or draw a circle  .

In the center of the page and draw face  cream okay i like what they did right here what are your wellness goals and what  do you want to accomplish next week   interesting okay so like they're they're  doing you like they're doing like little work   workshop things or asking you questions inside  this book and then you write it down which is   pretty awesome right this is something  that any any of us can do that want to   go after this nation this is helping with  anxiety i'm i'm assuming because obviously   that's the name of the book the title of  the book right so something like this as i'm   looking at this type of stuff it's this stuff  is you can create something like this right   which would be really awesome and you can tell by  looking at this bsr this is a helium 10 psr chart  .

But it's just crushing it right it's making sales  over and over and over and over and over 14.99   that's a really awesome healthy price point right  you can learn about this whole entire book okay   even the niche look it has pictures down here  too as well you can see how people are using the   book which is really awesome okay if you can  create something like this i would do it and   you can see it has awesome reviews and you got  your negative reviews also do not be afraid to   rate these negative reviews these negative reviews  will tell you what they want in the book sometimes   it's like some of the books that they're not  they they get one review but it's just a simple   fix that you know you can do an updated  book or update the interior of the book   and then boom fixed you know what i mean  it's and then it's everything whatever  .

And what the customer wants so by looking at  these negative reviews in these niches you can   figure out something that you can create for a  customer in the niche and have a top seller okay   so like i said the mental health niche is one of  those niches that is just booming okay what has   been going on over the last few years okay with  the pandemic and stuff this is a niche that just   kind of just more people are talking about it more  people are open about it right so with that being   said you know there's an opportunity for you to  create something that people want and then you can   make money in return and by the way i do have an  interior service called pixel pod studio you get   access to over 200 interiors okay so templates  that you can edit and then you can use these   templates and create an awesome book and upload  to kdp and publish it on amazon right and then  .

There's clipart and then there's keywords that  are already done for you because a lot of people   have trouble finding keywords and as i'm showing  you this video you can see how good i'm at with   researching and keywords and i make it available  to you guys okay and they're available in uh   affinity publisher indesign and powerpoint files  and the pdf file so you can edit it however you   want to edit your interior okay and if you want  to learn more about kdp check out this video right   here and if you enjoyed this content make sure you  guys give it a thumbs up thumbs up if you have any   input on any type of niches new niches that you  think that are you know that you would want to   share with other people leave a comment down below  and share with some niche ideas that you may have

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