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This video shows just how quickly you can get designs indexed on Google for your Redbubble store when you've got a solid store with good SEO and you don't push the limits of Redbubble too much

I recommend following this method if you want to have a good, solid store, that doesn't need to rely on social media marketing and can instead just be an “upload and forget about it store”

Video on how to make a shit tonne of designs very quickly:

More in-depth video on how to find unlimited niches with repeatable keywords for print on demand:

It's… alive

(11 products indexed after 2 days, all in the same niche, mass-produced text-based designs)
It works.

Process so far:

Make a new Redbubble store and upload a 50 designs over a few months
Post your store link url (redbubble. com/yourstorename) across the internet, make a facebook page, make an instagram page, make a pinterest page, always point it back to your store
Once your store url is indexed, everything you post will be indexed
Do not post more than 15 designs a day, don't go completely crazy with tags, don't do stupid things, make sure you products look good on every product by using my canva method