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In this video I explore the way we can exploit trending twitter results to make quick sales

As usual I am just giving you the absolute fundamentals – it is up to you to do the rest. My designs are basic, and my example isn't fantastic, and I even posted it to a personal twitter account

But this will help you make sales, merch by amazon sales, teepublic sales, and much more

Get the word out about you print on demand products today, by getting them seen by 100's of people in a very short amount of time

This is a great way to find redbubble keywords and rebdubble designs, and start to make some redbubble profits and increase your redbubble earnings (sorry SEO spam lol)

Redbubble is a great sidehustle – I would spend more time on it if I was actually talented at art, however I'm a firm believer in playing to your strengths.

Redbubble SEO is one thing, but selling your designs through social media can help accelerate your start on Redbubble. I really wish I had the energy to work on Print on Demand fully, but unfortunately I'm so damn busy!

Thanks for watching and if you want more Redbubble/print on Demand content then let me know

Thanks and peace