Redbubble | Everything I Wish People Had Told Me As A Beginner #Redbubble #Printondemand

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This video is talking about 4 major talking points which I really wish people had drilled into me before I started on

Although to be honest, it was probably my fault for not doing enough research

But to be honest, I'm happy with the amount of sales I've made for the amount of time I've put in, so definitely try to replicate my huge wealth of Redbubble SEO knowledge by following this full playlist here:

Thank you so much for watching guys, I hope this helps some beginners of Redbubble get focused straight away on the right things, to guarantee themselves a good monthly income stream.

Redbubble and Print on demand can definitely be a good way to make money – and the secret is to use the power of Redbubble SEO and Keywords to find the best niches in order to increase your passive income. Sales will come if you think about the right things and keep pushing