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This video will teach you how to do very specific niche keyword research for SEO and Print on Demand sales

The idea is to give you a method, called search operators, to search through specific niches in specific ways, for example forcing Google to show you in order of most recent – This allows us to look at a niche like Christmas, and find things which are less competitive

Here are the ways I talk about doing Redbubble Keyword research:

Using search operators to search through holiday niches, as well as using a guide from Printful to understand national holidays. Using these together allows us to find some keywords that we probably never thought of before

Search operators used in this video: intitle:christmas intext:”1..150 results” intitle:groundhog day intext:results

Play around with these, as well as the printful article:

This is one of the best ways to start a new Redbubble account, or if you're starting Redbubble as a beginner and want to know what the first thing you should do for your account is

Redbubble SEO is very important – we can using the power of Redbubble's website in order to get a crap load of designs to the front page of Google – I've done this many times, and I've made Redbubble sales from doing this – I just haven't uploaded that many designs (I still only have around 100 designs on all my Redbubble accounts from the last 3 years)

Thanks for watching guys and I hope this helps you increase your Redbubble Earnings

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