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I came across something really interesting today, and decided to make a very important video about it

My experience was to see a blog post from , which are exactly the same as the blog posts that I write for work

And guess what – the blog posts I write for work WORK – They get almost 15k traffic a month at the moment, and have sold thousands of $ worth of goods according to Google analytics

This Redbubble and Print on Demand Hack is to use ecommerce SEO in the form of listicle blog posts and then internally link either your own website with your own store, or even as I'm writing this you could also just leave links to you Redbubble store but do the same thing

This will allow you to make more Redbubble sales or more sales on your own store, depending on what you go for

The idea here is to capture an audience who are in the mood for buying or browsing, and then getting them to buy with pictures.

I've done this loads of times, and the best part is that if you create evergreen content in evergreen niches like the examples from this video, then you can EASILY MAKE SALES FOR A LONG TIME

Thanks for watching and PEACE


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