HUGE DIGITAL DESIGN NICHE (for Etsy or Print on Demand)

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If you are selling digital designs on sites like Etsy or Creative Fabrica, it can sometimes feel like every niche is saturated and competition is just too overwhelming. However, there are profitable niches in the digital design space. In this video, I cover a big niche with loads of potential. Let your brainstorming run wild as I cover this niche ideal for Etsy, Creative Fabrica or wherever you sell digital designs.

I also run through 3 places to get public domain resources so you can get some ideas on how you can create these digital designs for sale. I have a personal example of a t-shirt that I made for a friend (who loved it)!

00:00 The Potential
02:01 Resource #1
02:54 Resource #2
03:43 Resource #3
05:05 Two Methods