Redbubble Shop Owner’s Collaboration Session Number 1

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Shop Owner's Collaboration Session Number 1. This episode marks a huge first step in having Redbubble Shop Owners across the globe come together and collaborate on one common goal. Helping each other's business to reach the next level and obtain greater success.

I was extremely honoured to have been joined by three amazing people from all across the globe where we contribute to each other's shop, (see how we do it in the video), analyze a selected design from each shop and discuss what works and what needs improving upon. The great tips, perspectives and advice shared in this episode were amazing and I have no doubt it will be of benefit to you too! So, click the play button to watch the episode, it's quite a long episode so I've included some time stamps below for your reference.

Time Stamps:
First Shop – 07:59
Second Shop – 16:26
Third Shop – 23.43

First Design Analyses – 36:50
Second Design Analyses – 49:32
Third Design Analyses – 58.45

Enjoy the episode!

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