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This video was supposed to be a little bit different, but as usual I discovered something insanely interesting while doing some research

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I found that Medium does not contain many listicle articles in the niches that I show you how to find – and this is basically untapped SEO juice that we can hitch onto

If you do this carefully, thoroughly, and step by step, this can lead to a massive boost in Sales, earnings, rankings, and SEO generally.

Honestly part way through this when I realised just how good the potential was for this – I wanted to stop making the video and start doing it myself

But, as usual, I haven't got any time – friends are waiting for me right now who have come from England to visit me

Thanks so much for supporting my channel guys – the last video blew up again and it made me really happy to see

I guess I'm a Redbubble YouTuber and I hope you'll forgive me when I make other content as I just like making anything that people find genuinely helpful

This video will also help your Etsy SEO and sales, your Merch By Amazon Sales and SEO, and any Print on Demand SEO and sales

I mainly focus on Redbubble because that's what people want to see

I actually really enjoy Print on Demand and like making content, I just don't have time to grow my stores fully

Thanks for watching guys and PEACE