Is redbubble dying in 2022?

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With the global economic situation steadily declining, less and less people are likely to buy from . But is Redbubble dying?

Not only that, but the amount of Artists on the platform are also growing – meaning there are more artists compared to users

This is bad for the Redbubble ecosystem – and so today I wanted to answer the question: Is redbubble dying or growing?

Although Redbubble traffic is growing, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything great for the company. This could purely be attributed to the growing amount of artists on the platform

Less good quality artwork and artists will be attracted to the platform, especially when they have a problem of art stealing, and copyright abuse

A slow decline in sales is almost a certainty, considering their growing shipping costs meaning that it’s harder and harder to justify spending money on something like this

Also, with the economic situation getting more and more dire by the moment, less people will be buying stickers online anyway

We can see this as a global trend, but as a Redbubble YouTuber I feel it’s my duty to make a video like this and warn you of the potential impact this could have on your passive income making abilities and making money online

The problem is that if Redbubble as a company does collapse, your designs will be gone also. This first of all means that you should back up all of your Print on Demand designs

Secondly, you will lose any revenue generated monthly in a passive way from Redbubble, and all of the time you spent uploading to the platform will also be lost

What does this mean for us, the artists?

It means we need to diversify onto platforms, and, ideally, onto our own Print on Demand website on something like Shopify

If you’d like to see some more content like this let me know, and if you want to see a step-by-step guide to setting up a Shopify store let me know

Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you really soon with some more content

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0:00 Introduction – Do we have a problem?
0:15 Redbubble stock price and global financial situation
3:20 High shipping prices??
4:07 Inflation rate and Oil prices
5:48 Ahrefs data on Organic Search Traffic for Redbubble
6:41 Worrying usage statistics, difference between artists/buyers getting smaller
7:39 TrustPilot reviews to see if there are any bad trends growing in their customer base
10:13 Overall summary of the worrying situation – diversify!!