15 Mistakes Most Startup Clothing Brands Make

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*** Show Notes ***

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About This Video:

In this episode of Apparel Success, Rob shares 15 mistakes most entrepreneurs starting a clothing brand make in their first couple of years. This video covers mistakes on topics such as inventory management, social media marketing strategies, Instagram marketing, print on demand, shopify website for private label clothing brands, and more!

15 Mistakes Most Startup Clothing Brands Make:

0:00 How avoiding these mistakes will help you grow your clothing brand
1:20 Mistake #1: Waiting too long to launch the clothing brand
2:04 Mistake #2: When the clothing brand concept is too fluffy (and doesn't make any sense)
2:59 Mistake #3: Your clothing brand isn't different enough from the competition
3:31 Mistake #4: Biased thinking towards your own clothing brand
4:33 Mistake #5: Underestimating how much work it requires to start a clothing brand
5:16 Mistake #6: Not applying social proof enough to the marketing strategies for their clothing line
6:08 Mistake #7: Not making enough changes to your clothing line
6:54 Mistake #8: Focusing too much on making money rather than focusing on creating the best customer experience possible
7:40 Mistake #9: Giving up on the clothing brand way too soon
8:16 Mistake #10: Over-investing in inventory of the first releases for your clothing brand
9:13 Mistake #11: Using the same strategies that aren't working over and over again to market the clothing brand
10:15 Mistake #12: Holding back from creating a personality and sharing your authentic brand story
10:56 Mistake #13: Partnering with someone who doesn't bring equal value or passion to the clothing business
11:52 Mistake #14: Not using online tools (like fiverr) to outsource work for your clothing line
12:27 Mistake #15: Not hiring a bookkeeper to organize your finances