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What happens when you simply upload 18 designs to and then forget about it for 5 months? Well, you make passive sales!

If I hadn't given this niche away in my previous videos, I genuinely believe that this would have performed even better. Some people copied my Redbubble title and tags exactly, making it more difficult for me to compete and rank on the Redbubble and Google algorithms

However, this is exactly what I said would happen a few months ago when I started working on this store – my designs are indexed on Google, and they are now making passive sales.

This method of setting everything up and then leaving it is great, and I'm very tempted to work on this store in the background (or I guess potentially a new store as this niche has now been ruined)

I will try my best to record everything and make a series from it

If you want to know how I found the keywords for this particular store, I didn't. I used my own knowledge. This is something I've talked about a lot on this channel, once you verify that a niche is popular, you can literally upload anything in that niche that you are familiar with and it will rank and it will sell if there is interest

The idea behind this video is to show you how much progress can be made by putting practically no effort into a store at all. The most complicated things I did were setting up an instagram, facebook, etc. posting to them, and then also uploading the Redbubble designs themselves and doing Redbubble SEO and Keywords, tags and titles, for all of them

Thanks for watching guys, hope this helps



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