My Niche Redbubble Store – Building a Print on Demand Brand

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I am back to working on my niche store – In this video I will show you how I'm planning on expanding by having everything organised.

My idea is to eventually take this niche into a Print on Demand brand, selling Italian American designs, including quotes, swear words, etc.

I started on Redbubble because I wanted to validate the niche, consider it validated. People are willing to buy these text-based designs because they have a connection to the text. This is why these niches work so well

It's very easy to think of your own niche for this, so don't just copy mine, look for something else

Also, as sales are slowing down, America is a good place to target. Irish sayings is also looking like a very good niche

I'm very excited to see how far we can push this, are you?

Redbubble is a good marketplace, but there are many others, and I would also like to have control of my marketing so my own store makes perfect sense

Slowly but surely I will bring together all of my different ideas into one niche Redbubble store, that will mainly be using Redbubble but also will have my own branded store as well

The instagram angle is key for me, because I already have almost 1000 followers, and it should actually be fairly easily to grow from there, that will allow me to make more Redbubble sales and increase my print on demand earnings

I may also sell on Etsy, the reason is that I want to show how expanding into a niche will allow you to actually make good money online

Thanks for watching guys, these videos are really fun to make, so I hope that you are enjoying watching them, and I will see you really soon with some more print on demand, making money online, and Redbubble content

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