Redbubble Explained – Full Beginner’s Tutorial 2022 – Make Money For Free Online Selling Art

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Looking to make some extra cash? might be the answer! In this video, I'll walk you through how to create an account, find products to sell, and start making money.

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I read a comment the other day that all beginner Redbubble tutorials are too long, or too short, or don't even make any sense. I decided to go step by step through everything you need to do to set up your Redbubble store correctly in order to give you the best chance of making some sales and making some money online

Redbubble is actually very simple, and uploading your first design only requires that you sign up and add a payment method, once that is done you can instantly start uploading your artwork

In this video I go through the process of:

Making a redbubble account
Adding payment details
Changing your redbubble product pricing
Adding a banner image and a profile image
Make a unique username
Uploading your first design

and much more

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps some people out, this Redbubble guide comes from 2 years of studying Redbubble, creating 3 accounts, and studying many many more.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions



0:00 A Redbubble Guide that can be followed step-by-step
0:16 What is Redbubble?
0:54 How to sign up to Redbubble
1:28 Making a Redbubble shop name, make it unique and include your niche
2:43 Confirm your email address and add payment method
3:24 Add your branding to your Redbubble shop
3:52 Using canva for free to make a Redbubble logo and banner image
5:12 Making a great banner image for your Redbubble store
5:45 Writing your Redbubble bio, add some keywords from your niche and some information about yourself
6:59 How to do Redbubble product pricing
8:35 Setting up your designs on new products
8:53 Redbubble featured collections, use during Valentine's day etc
9:14 Your Redbubble Earnings dashboard and traffic explained
11:51 Use Gimp to edit still life Redbubble model mock up images
12:35 How to set up Google Analytics for Redbubble
14:58 My Redbubble Design dimensions, and how to make your first Redbubble design on Canva for free
17:09 Very quick overview of Redbubble SEO, title, tags, description
18:39 Play around with your design and make it look good on every product
20:14 Copying a Redbubble design settings, how to do it

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