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A completely free tool that has Merch By Amazon and trending keywords in it, allowing you to easily pick up keywords and improve your SEO

In this video I go through a few examples of keywords from BubbleSpider and then verifying keywords from it. In this example I choose two different keywords and show you exactly how to make sure that keyword is worth making or not.

A lot of videos will not talk about how to actually verify a Redbubble keyword or not, and not a lot of videos talk about using one Print on Demand platform (Merch By Amazon) to find keywords for another one (Redbubble)

The idea behind this video is to help you pick up on trending designs that you can make some quick sales. They may also be evergreen just by their nature, which is a double whammy.

I then discovered something very interesting in this video, which was a website that was appearing on Google for a keyword that Redbubble itself wasn't even appearing for. A shopify print on demand store which ranks better than Redbubble is very interesting to me and makes me want to discover this shop in more detail

Redbubble keywords can be difficult to find, which means that BubbleSpider is definitely a good way to pick up a lot of juicy Redbubble SEO for free

Thanks for watching guys and I hope to see you really soon with some more content


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