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This is a new and updated version of one of the strongest methods in the game – taking directly from is always the best way to do anything.

I didn't know this was possible, like… at all. I thought it was limited to three results and I feel pretty stupid because of it.

Let me know if you already knew about this or not

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This method focuses on using Redbubble's own data to tell you what is trending. I really wish I'd known this before lol

Thanks for watching guys, and let me know if you are enjoying my Redbubble SEO keyword methods and tools free tips and tricks!

You can use this method to add designs to other print on demand websites, such as zazzle, merch by amazon, your own shopify store, etc.

Also in this video I teach you how to verify a niche to see if the Redbubble design is worth making or not