How To Make Redbubble Passive Income | Flying Upload Automation Honest Review

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If you're looking to maximise efficiency and upload as many designs as possible to , Shopify, Printify, Printful, and any other Print on Demand Platforms, then flying upload for $12.99 a month seems like a great deal.

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I teach you exactly how to maximize efficiency and upload around 60 designs an hour, if you're doing this on your own shopify store there's basically no limit, and I'll be doing this for sure soon, I'm just making a few videos on Flying Upload for Redbubble first

I also talk about how to write a descriptive title, description – then using a tag generator to create the tags very quickly.

I really think this tool is perfect for those who are trying to grow quickly, who maybe have some experience already in Print on Demand or Redbubble and just want to massively increase traffic or massively increase earnings.

This also makes it possible to make passive income from Redbubble, instead of putting full-time work into something that might not pay out (for example if a design doesn't sell)

It makes it much easier to just make a lot of designs, and you can definitely make this work with your own Print on Demand Printful Shopify integrated store too

I hope this helps you guys and you appreciate the honesty in this review, I don't recommend anything except Flying Upload for one platform, which I talk about at the end of the video when I talk about pricing


0:00 Intro, honest review on Flying Research (costs $12.99 a month)
1:28 Finding variation designs (this isn't necessary just thought I'd mention this tool makes it easier)
2:24 Making variation designs using duplicate and editing one word on Canva
4:30 How to use CSV import on Flying Upload to upload many images with tags and descriptions at once
6:07 how to Select multiple files by path on Windows
6:27 Writing description tags and description for Redbubble
9:58 Download the excel document and import it to Flying Upload
11:50 Pricing, and conclusion and my recommendations

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