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aesthetics are a huge niche, but it's also incredibly hard to design these kinds of designs. They take a long time, and are much more thought out. In this Redbubble Design Tutorial I will teach you how to mass produce these aesthetic designs to great effect.

But now imagine we can jump into these niches, and exploit them easily by using AI Generated art

Flying upload affiate link:

This opens up a whole new world of possibility for me personally, because i've never been able to make certain designs for myself because of being completely terrible at art

There are loads of keywords you can replace the word aesthetic with, and by using ahrefs keyword generator there's literally limitless possibilities for finding Redbubble keywords and Niches

I'm giving this niche away, because I think it's really really strong and I probably won't work on it myself just yet, although I do have a couple of ideas on how to use this software to make some money for myself

Thanks for watching guys, I hope you find this useful, and it helps you find and validate Redbubble niches

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